My 2018 perspective on goal setting

It's that time of the year where everyone is posting about their goals and New Years Resolutions for the upcoming year. I personally find it really inspiring to read/hear what each person's plans are for the year ahead and I also like to read recaps when a year is ending to see what accomplishments took place. Since moving to Seattle almost three years ago, I've ebbed and flowed when it comes to making New Years resolutions. Sometimes I hit the pause button because I'm overwhelmed when I have a laundry list of goals and to-do's for the year ahead and other times I feel like it's really nice to have a tangible list to hold me accountable.

This year, the only goal I am setting for myself is to be better at saying YES - whether it means breaking out of my comfort zone, traveling to new destinations, taking risks in life, in my career and in my relationships to put my happiness first. My hope for being better at saying YES to life's opportunities is to also realize that it's perfectly OKAY to not always have a plan, a set list of goals or a timeline for things in life because as we all know, life just happens. 

It can be stressful when the year is winding down and you are basing your year's "successes" off numbers, results and experiences. Instead, when it comes to goal setting for my 2018, I want it to all be based on how happy, healthy, well-traveled, financially-prepared, mature and fun I want this year to be.

Sure, setting specific goals can be a necessity, but their impact should be a positive one in your life. In 2018, I'm aiming to view each and every day as an opportunity and a work in progress and acknowledge that my attitude and decision-making will directly impact how my days, months and overall year will go. 

This is my first year I'm not writing out an elaborate list of goals for my career, my blog, my personal life, my relationships, my finances and my travels and for the very first time, I'm okay with it.

Happy 2018, friends! I'm wishing you an uplifting, inspiring, exciting and unforgettable year! Let's do this thing.