Highlighting my Pressed Juicery cleanse favorites

Happy Monday, everyone! If you're in Seattle, I hope you've all had a safe (and warm) snow day! I often struggle on Monday's, regardless of the weather, to get focused and motivated for the upcoming week, but today is a bit different as I'm feeling extra inspired. I'm very excited to share a creative collaboration I recently worked on with Pressed JuiceryFor those of you that missed my last Pressed Juicery blog post, Seattle officially has a Pressed Juicery in Westlake Center! 

I had only tried out the Greens 5 juice flavor when visiting Pressed in Los Angeles so I was ecstatic when a Seattle-based location opened and I was able to try new flavors from the menu! One of my favorite things about Pressed juices (aside from flavor) is that they are all filled with healthy ingredients and key nutrients. I also really enjoy the package design of the bottles stating what ingredients are in each beverage. As someone who is trying to get better at personal health and wellness, I've found it's very important to be aware of what you are consuming. I was so inspired by the package design I decided to make my collaboration a bit more creative by visually showing off what ingredients are in each of my favorite Pressed juices and why these juices really are the real deal. You can check out more information about each juice on the menu as well as order your own juice cleanse here.

Here are my go-to juices:

Juice #1: Coconut Cinnamon Juice

Pressed Juicery Description: Cinnamon lovers - this is your blend! Two nutritional powerhouses combine in a delicious, satiating elixir. Both cinnamon and coconut have been shown to reduce blood sugar. Raw coconut meat is a great source of medium chain fatty acids, which can lower bad cholesterol. Coconut also contains significant levels of fiber and manganese, a mineral that helps you metabolize fat and protein.

Juice #2: Greens 5

Pressed Juicery Description: Prefer oranges to apples? This mild medley of leafy greens and fennel complements the delicious blend of oranges and pineapples in addition to aiding in digestion.

Juice #3: Roots 3

Pressed Juicery Description: Beets help your body to release stomach acid which aids digestion! Drink this juice when you want a snack that's both pretty and nutritious!

Juice #4: Strawberry Apple Lime Juice

Pressed Juicery Description: This juice is a favorite of kids and is the perfect choice for a refreshing treat that is also nutritious. It's sweet and tart -- like a healthy fruit punch!

Juice #5: Citrus 2

Pressed Juicery Description: This enzyme rich juice is filled with phytonutrients and bromelin which helps to reduce inflammation. Drink it before a meal to get digestive juices flowing.

Juice #6: Apple Lemon Ginger Cayenne Juice

Pressed Juicery Description: Ginger and Cayenne will wake you up and help you with digestion, lemon will provide some flavor and is one of the best detoxifiers, and the apple juice adds just the right amount of sweetness as well as beneficial phytonutrients. Drink this in mid-morning or afternoon for a little pick me up.
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