Stopping by Westlake Center's Pressed Juicery

Attention Seattle: Pressed Juicery is officially here and located in Westlake Center! I had my first encounter with Pressed while in Los Angeles and fell in love with various juices on the menu. Pressed is focused on bringing health and wellness to the forefront of what we consume all while making it taste really good, that also hooked me. 

When I heard that Pressed was coming to Westlake Center (a dangerous three block stroll from my office) I was so excited to explore my way through their menu of all there is to offer. I'd heard great things about the Heat beverages at Pressed and was in need of a pick-me-up so I tried out the Vanilla Almond Latte per the juice bar barista's advice, and I'm hooked! The perfect combination of flavors like almonds, dates, vanilla bean, sea salt and a kick of espresso. I'd have to say the best part about indulging in this beverage is knowing what healthy ingredients you are consuming in the process! 

I also wanted to try out one of the Pressed Freezes. I'm a sucker for frozen treats like fro-yo (I blame my boyfriend for this one), popsicles and ice cream. So when I learned Pressed could satisfy my frozen treat sweet tooth, I was ecstatic! The best part about the six various Freeze flavors is that they are made out of juices from fruits, veggies, almonds and coconuts. These treats are also gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan-friendly and jam packed with nutrition! The Greens Freeze was described to me as light, refreshing and sorbet-like. I was sold. Consisting of the Greens 2 juice ingredients with added dates and coconut. The best part about freezes is that you can add more healthy toppings to it! This will be my go-to treat in the summer.  

I also selected six juices off of the menu to try out -- *I'll be sharing more about the juices, ingredient breakdown and my recommendations in an upcoming blog post.

Here was my juice selection:

  • Roots 3
  • Greens 5
  • Coconut cinnamon signature juice
  • Strawberry apple lime fruit juice
  • Apple lemon ginger cayenne juice
  • Citrus 2

* S/O to my other half Tristan Mayer for shooting these blog photos!