The Winter Turtleneck: Look One

As I mentioned in my The Winter Turtleneck blog post, up until recently I was never a fan of sporting the much-loved winter staple: the turtleneck. I always struggled with ways to style a cozy turtleneck without being overheated in too many layers. It wasn't until this fall that I decided to indulge in the classic trend and learned the turtleneck is one of the most versatile wardrobe essentials for the fall/winter months! It's now become one of my favorite items of clothing to wear, layer and style and in my latest collaboration with KNDM CoI am showcasing how to style the winter turtleneck in three different ways. 

I scored my favorite turtleneck of the season from Nordstrom in a classic ivory color that goes with everything! I prefer a looser fit to my turtlenecks/sweaters because I find them to be more cozy and easier to layer/wear with a variety of outfits. In my first look, I wanted to focus on a more sporty/casual day look all while rocking some layers since it is getting chilly in Seattle. This look really plays up my love for accessories so to keep that in focus, I decided to pair my turtleneck sweater with a simple black pencil skirt from LOFT. 

For accessorizing and making this outfit have a little pop, I paired my monochromatic top and skirt with a bold print scarf (I can't get enough of leopard I've realized). To play off the print in my scarf and to keep my look casual, I am wearing my brand new (and favorite) sneakers from Forever21. I love hightop style when it comes to athletic shoes and by pairing these shoes with my monochromatic outfit it brings a pop of color to my outfit all while keeping my look more on the sporty side. For additional accessorizing and practicality purposes, I paired my Target black crossbody with my outfit as I love the gold accent on the front of this purse that helps tie in the black skirt and browns/golds of my look.

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