Holidays at home

Having my own home to decorate has been amazing even more so now that the holidays are here! Lately I've been gathering some inspiration for making my home cozy for the holiday season all while being stylish. 

Here is some of my holiday decor inspiration I found that I used as a launching pad for decorating my home:

Since I have limited space in my apartment for large decor, I kept things simple this year and mess-free. As much as I love the smell and look of a live tree, I caved and got myself an artificial 3-foot tall tree from Target for a steal. This tree ended up being the perfect size for a smaller home with limited space and I still can had fun with decorating. Not to mention, no pine needles! I kept my aesthetic and color palette simple and cohesive to the look and feel of my home all while bringing some sparkle to the space. For a feminine touch I added a white fur tree skirt (also courtesy of Target). 

There's still room for more subtle accents of holiday decor in my space so I've been on the search. Cb2 has been my jackpot for holiday decor finds this season with its minimal decor/furniture style --and all for a reasonable price! 

Here are some of the items I love from their site and hope to incorporate into my home this season:

Clear Round Line Lights

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