Snow Lake Hike

One of my goals when I moved to Seattle was vowing to get outside and explore my surroundings more. Washington is such a beautiful state with so many scenic views, hikes and places to visit it makes it easy to plan an adventure. I purchased a 3-season North Face tent and anticipate many a camp out/road trip in the coming months. I also recently scored a pair of Sorel Out N About Leather Boots perfect for hikes in rain, shine or snow! 

Every weekend I try to get outside and explore a new spot I have yet to visit in the state. Sooner or later I'll start venturing to the coast and down the coast, weather permitting.

With hopes to tromp around in the snow this last weekend, Tristan and I ventured out to the Snoqualmie National Forest for a fairly moderate hike up to Snow Lake. By moderate, I mean the 7.2 mile trail itself was very easy to follow and very populated (I recommend getting to the trail early to score a decent parking spot and beat the crowds as well as the sun setting early in the winter). You'll also want to wear a decent amount of layers to stay warm and good hiking/snow shoes to maneuver through the trail. The ice and snow on the trail made it slick and fairly difficult in parts. Overall, Snow Lake is a very scenic trail to follow with waterfalls, tree canopies and breathtaking mountain views along the way up to the lake overlook. We ended up just staying at the top of the lake overlook instead of venturing down to the lake because it was getting late and hiking in the icy snow when the sun is setting could get dicey. But in the summer I hope to trek this trail again and get down to the lake itself! 

Here's some highlights from our adventure:

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