Planning a new year, new me with STIL

I have always been that person. The one who uses three different planners at the same time only phasing them out once a new year hits or a new style I like comes around. There’s just something so satisfying about crossing off an item on a to-do list or abiding by a written-out schedule. I have never been a fan of using computer/phone planners or calendars – I love the feeling of writing out a list, appointments and flipping through the pages of an agenda.  

I’m always on the constant search for a new agenda that will check the following boxes:

-Keep me organized

-Hold me accountable

-Has a great aesthetic (let’s be real, as a creative, this is very important)

Luckily, I was recently introduced to STIL and their Design Love Planner that has not only met my organizational expectations but has surpassed them. This planner embraces minimalism but also helps keep your overall lifestyle in check – providing you with places to insert budget goals, monthly goals, errand lists, birthdays, weekly checklists, date breakdowns by day, week and month. The planner also organizes tasks by date and time – making every moment of your day seamlessly organized.

* Above photos supplied from STIL

Not to mention, let’s talk about the design. I received the Triad Marble planner and let me tell you, it’s a minimalist’s dream. A combination of monochromatic with a hint of blush pink and marble – yeah, I was sold. I also adore the inspirational monthly quotes to help kick off your month with the encouragement you need.

Since receiving my STIL planner, I combined three individual planners into one. There is no longer a struggle or need to go back and forth between various planners when everything I need for reference and planning is in one! Talk about a new year, new me!

Allison WagnerComment