Life throws you curve balls sometimes. It’s weird how and why it does that but, honestly, it just does. And some days you have a reason to feel down and other days you just can’t explain why. This blog’s purpose since day one is a place for inspiration, encouragement, sharing my love for fashion, lifestyle and design and not going too in depth into the more personal and vulnerable aspects of my life. But sometimes, you have to be a little vulnerable to feel grounded.

Recently, I’ve been experiencing a random bundle of emotions: stress, lack of inspiration, a willingness to pick up and move my entire life to a new city or state and feelings of doubt and self-criticism. Those closest to me know I will do everything in my power to avoid wearing my emotions on my sleeve but truly, it’s impossible and it’s my biggest weakness. I care too much and take everything personally: work, life and my relationships.

The last several months I’ve been consumed by taking everything in my life a little too personally when at the end of the day, certain things are not in my control let alone never will be. If there is one thing I try to take control of in my life it is making sure I do what I can to make those in my life feel important, listened to, appreciated and loved. It’s hard sometimes telling each and every person in your life how much you love them and how much they’ve helped you love yourself.

But really, that’s what this post is all about.



I am extremely thankful for the people that play significant or even minor roles in my life that have encouraged me, picked me up when I feel broken, laughed with me, goofed around with me, inspired me, challenged me, trusted me and loved me.


I’m so incredibly thankful for my dear friends and my wonderful boyfriend who are always capable of making me smile, laugh (until I cry), picking me up when I feel broken, encouraging me to believe in myself, showing me how to love others while also loving myself as well as challenging me to shoot for the stars and achieve my dreams. You all do your part to make me a better person everyday.   


I’m thankful for my parents and my family for loving me unconditionally, supporting me and being my roots. When my parents moved to Colorado this year I would be lying if I say I wasn’t heartbroken and yes, this is probably extremely dramatic to those that have family in different states let alone different countries or continents. Growing up with my parents no more than a two-hour drive away and now with them being a two-hour plane ride away, I have a newfound appreciation and love for them. It wasn’t until they moved I realized that the idea of home really isn’t the house or town you grew up in but instead, the foundation and the people you grow up with. The definition of home for me is the people you love.


Recently attending more blogging events this summer and being one of the hosts at Seattle Style Lab this summer has made me appreciate and love the community of bloggers here in Seattle that much more. I’m thankful for the bloggers and brands here in the northwest for being so encouraging and willing to learn from each other and collaborate with each other. If I ever move away from Washington, one of the main things I will significantly miss is the generous and supportive culture of the bloggers here. So thank you all for being an inspiration and a support!

Most importantly, I’ve realized the last few months of being in what I’ve described as my “creative funk” that you can’t truly take the time or put in the effort to love others if you do not wholeheartedly love yourself. While this will always be a challenge for me, it’s one of the most crucial things I’ve discovered to live a happy, appreciative and love-filled life.

So here’s to more posts on West Coast Aesthetic that are reflective, thought-out and chalk-full of inspiration, collaborations with those I love and appreciate and being more vulnerable. Here’s to thanking my family, friends, boyfriend, coworkers, fellow bloggers and creatives, you’re all the best support system anyone could ever ask for! Heck, I’ll even thank all of the super nice drunk girls in the bathroom I’ve met that made me feel like I could conquer the world. Love y’all.