Cozy and chic layers for winter

*Click the images to enlarge. If you repost these photos please provide proper credit to West Coast Aesthetic and Lydia Yekalam for photography, thank you! xo

Wearing layers in the winter is a strategy here in the Pacific Northwest. After all, it may be chilly outside but once you step foot into a building the warm air is blasting and you’re regretting all of the layers you have on. Not to fear, I’m talking about a sure-fire way to stay weather-appropriate and stylish this season!

Just because it is winter does not mean you have to put your skirts to rest! In fact, winter is one of my favorite times of the year to rock a mini skirt (even sometimes braving it without tights or leggings!) In doing so, it’s all about how you keep yourself layered up so despite your legs being exposed, you are still warm.

My floral knit mini skirt from Zara is one of my favorite items to wear due to its neutral color palette and tapestry-inspired pattern. I lean toward neutral colors in the winter and this skirt provides just enough color, setting itself apart from my otherwise monochromatic skirt options while not being overly vibrant. For layering, I’m wearing a mock turtleneck from Express in a beige meets eggplant shade. I love the detailing of this sweater with the slashed cut outs near the front and shoulders. It’s subtle detailing like this that I love in a look!

For a pop of color in my look, I’m wearing my burgundy Leith floppy hat from Nordstrom. It compliments the floral pattern of my skirt nicely while also providing a statement to my overall outfit while also keeping me warm.

My favorite form of layering in the winter, especially when wearing a mini skirt is the funky appearance of socks mixed with open-toed heels. Not only is this trend extremely stylish and easy but it’s also a great way to get some use out of your open-toed shoes you wouldn’t normally wear in the winter! My ankle socks from LOFT are a light beige color similar to that of my sweater and skirt that I paired with my Brass Plum open-toed wedges. I love mixing and matching knits as well as experimenting with color variation.

For additional accessorizing, I’m wearing my LOFT statement necklace with a combination of metals like rose gold and gold and crystals.

Layering doesn’t always mean heavy coats and bulky knits; it can be a combination of items that contribute to the overall aesthetic of your outfit.