Nordstrom Nike Women Pop-In

Attention to all the women out there who love Nike! The Nordstrom Nike Women Pop-In shop is now open and looking lovely in the downtown Seattle store. If you are a fan of bright colors, lots of florals and active wear, this shop is the perfect place for you! I wandered in with a girlfriend on opening day and the designer in me loved the way the shop is laid out. Since I work within Nordstrom's creative department I love to see what other creatives do to make something like this Pop-In appealing to the masses.

Not to mention, the merch is spectacular. The shop features activewear like jackets, sports bras, gym bags, yoga pants and other clothing all the way to a full shoe display of show-stopper shoes (laser cut sandals, floral print active shoes---all of which are on my wish-list) to active shoes, yoga shoes and sandals. The shop also features a wide variety of accessories (makeup bags, key chains, hair ties, headphones, etc.) to miscellaneous merch like almond butter, chapstick, lotion, stationary and rose water facial spray. 

Since opening day was a bit crazy, I refrained from trying on shoes or making big purchases but I know I am not going to be able to resist making the splurge in the coming weeks. For my first visit, I came away with two lip balms in rose and mint that are nice and compact for throwing in a small bag or makeup case. Also, the packaging is minimal and adorable...I couldn't resist. 

The shop's merch is featured online and in stores but if you have the chance to come into the store I highly recommend it purely based on the creative experience.

Here are a few of my favorite items on my wish-list that are from the Pop-In shop:

Nike Air Max 1 Ultra LOTC Running Shoe / Color: New York

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