Feminine & Denim: Floral Hues

Florals, the perfect touch of femininity in an outfit during the spring and summer months. My fourth look of my FEMININE & DENIM photo and style collaboration with KNDM Co. shows off how to rock Floral Hues in a girly look with lots of dainty details. From the embroidered detailing of my zipped-up jacket to my pleated and flowing skirt, this look is one of my go-to outfits on a warm weather day.

I love an outfit that has details that aren't necessarily bold but make an outfit standout. The feminine details of my look are styled around my floral embroidered cream zipper jacket from Nordstrom that has intricate detailing on the sleeves and front. I also love the cream color and the see-through sleeves. It can be worn open with a tank top or shirt or simply worn with just a camisole and zipped up all the way, I adore the versatility! To balance the dainty floral embroidery of my jacket, I am wearing a floral pleated skirt also from Nordstrom that pulls in the creams of the jacket all while adding more color to my look with the subdued lavender, peaches and greens of the floral pattern. The shoes are simple, Steve Madden open-toe wedge heels to tie in some of the darker colors from my skirt and making the outfit more dressy. To dress down the look, a pair of sandals would also do the trick. 

Florals may seem cliche to wear in the spring but they truly are a must-have for your wardrobe. I recommend a more subtle floral print or detailing that will draw the eye to a certain item in an outfit. Florals are the key to a feminine look all while having the capability of being dressed up or down. The options are truly endless and very on trend. 

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