Styling a lifestyle shoot

I am finally getting around to sharing the perks of stepping away from my computer, iPad and design-filled mind to tackle my other passion: styling/creative directing. I find pure joy assisting those that are going in front of the camera and encapsulating the right look/feel of the shoot. Whether it's helping style looks: picking out the clothes that will be worn, finding an over-arching theme for the shoot (mocking up mood boards, researching brands, etc.) or simply helping models pose, location-scouting and prop hunting, I have always had knack for these types of creative projects.

When I was presented with the opportunity to assist with styling/creative directing a lifestyle shoot for the lovely Aly Sankey, a Seattle-based graphic designer and beautiful lady I have had the pleasure of knowing throughout design school at Western Washington University, I was ecstatic. I was also able to work with my favorite Seattle-based photographer Kamrin Dishman of KNDM Co.  

The inspiration for this shoot was to create lifestyle looks that resembled inspiration Aly had gathered for her (now) husband as a photo compilation book for a wedding present. I was so inspired by the idea and the creatives I was working with I got to work by selecting looks that resembled her inspiration she had described, researched locations in the Ballard area where we were shooting that would best resemble the aesthetic she was trying to achieve.

I was inspired by light, movement, Seattle coffee culture, skate culture, film grain, California beaches, the song Sweater Weather and Pacsun and Urban Outfitters look books for this shoot. With Aly being a beautiful model and KNDM Co's beautiful photography, the rest fell into place. 

*Click the images to enlarge. If you repost these photos please provide proper credit to West Coast Aesthetic for styling, Aly Sankey for modeling and KNDM Co. for photography. Thank you!

Here are some of my favorite looks from our shoot: 

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