Fighting the Monday blues (in style)

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Happy Monday, blog fam! I'm back from a brief blogging hiatus after lots of recent travels, moving into our new condo and focusing on work and some creative projects. I've decided to kick off this Monday morning and month of April with a new style post along with my tips and tricks for staying motivated at the start of the week because the Monday blues are most definitely a thing. Who else agrees!?

The start of the week can be tough to conquer but I have to admit, despite how much I give Monday's hell, I really do love them. It's my time of the week to be intentional about goal-setting, getting into the right mindset to go into a new work week and it's my day where I plan out what I have on my agenda for the week to come. I also can order a venti-sized coffee and not feel bad about it, but that's just me.

I've decided to share my Top 5 favorite ways to fight the Monday blues that I hope will motivate you to give Monday's a second chance, too!

1. Schedule a workout | Monday's are the perfect day to schedule your favorite workout or a brand new workout you've been dying to try! Whether it's in the morning to kick off your morning or in the evening to celebrate surviving Monday, you are going to feel motivated and ready to tackle the week ahead. I've also found starting my workouts at the beginning of the week motivates me to workout the rest of the week rather than having to cram all my workouts in at the end of the week or weekend. I encourage you to let your workout be at the top of your list to get you physically and mentally on the right page for the week to come! Tonight, I'm going to the brand new SoulCycle that opened in South Lake Union and it's something I am looking forward to all day! 

2. Get prepped: meals + outfits | While I tend to do my meal prepping, 5-day outfit prep and get my work bag packed and ready for the week on Sunday evenings, I sometimes leave this to Monday mornings or Monday evenings to set me up for the week, especially if I've had a busy weekend and am not in the mood to do prepping on a Sunday. When it comes to meal prepping, I have been trying to stick to a 3-day lunch prep regimen: having at least three lunches prepped for the week and two days dedicated to buying lunch. And at least a 3-day dinner prep regimen. I buy coffee every day but it's budgeted for the week and my time in the morning to enjoy. When it comes to outfit prepping, I have found owning a standing clothing rack has changed my life! I scope out the weather for the week and plan my 5-day work day outfits accordingly by hanging my clothing on the rack and laying out accessories: shoes and jewelry. It's fun "me time" to spend time on Pinterest, outfit plan and display my outfits of the week on my clothing rack. It becomes an effortless task to get ready in the mornings and not have to stress the rest of the week about "what am I going to wear?"

3. Spend 30 minutes with your planner | Monday's are my day of the week where I spend some time with my planner (usually anywhere from 20-30 minutes) to get myself ready for the week ahead. Filling out any plans, appointments, meetings that apply to both work and life. I physically write in a planner so I'm able to check off tasks and plans but I also have a shared digital calendar with Tristan so I make sure we're both updated for the week to come! It feels amazing starting off the week organized. 

4. 15 minutes of fresh air | Monday's can be jarring. Whether you're feeling sleep deprived from a fun weekend or stressed out with work, it's so worth it to dedicate some time on Monday's to getting some fresh air and shaking out the stress. I try to block out 15 minutes of my lunch break on Monday's to go on a walk around the block near work or grab a snack. It feels great stepping away from the computer, getting out of the office and taking a few minutes to re-center when you're feeling jolted back into the work week. 

5. Treat yourself | I'll be the first to admit Monday's are hard, and sometimes no matter how much coffee you consume and how productive your day feels, you just need to treat yourself. When I know I am in need of manicure, pedicure, facial or massage I make sure I schedule it for a Monday if I can. I love starting off my week with some pampering! And if I can't get professional services done, I make sure I am able to get a little self-love at home. Whether it's a face mask, hair mask or skincare treatment, I more often than not dedicate Monday as my spa day and I'm telling you, it makes a world of difference for the week. 

Outfit details: Top: Nordstrom Rack Misguided palm top; Bottoms: Nordstrom Rack pink high-waisted trousers; Shoes: Topshop Studded White Block Heels; Handbag: Cult Gaia Wooden Clutch

Shoot location: Palm Springs, California / Ernest Coffee Shop