Blooms, for your face.

No matter the season, blooms are always a must in my life. Whether it's snagging a $5 bouquet from the Farmer's market every weekend, lighting a floral scented candle when I'm home from work or leaning on rejuvenating beauty products that give me that aroma of florals, I just can't seem to get enough! 

I recently was introduced to yet another noteworthy beauty product full of blooms, and it just so happens to consist of my favorites - roses. Introducing, Anarose Hydrating Rose Toner by MUN. It's an absolute dream. Also, let's admire the packaging for a hot minute! It's so cute!

Up until my first facial (blog post to come!) a week ago, I didn't consider the benefits of using a toner. The primary purpose of toners like Anarose is to refresh and exfoliate your skin to achieve an overall glow! This toner in particular is noted for balancing out PH and soothing areas that are prone to dryness - as I discovered during my facial, my skin battles with severe dryness all over! Anarose is meant to help prep your skin for moisturizers and serums and is suitable for all skin types - even those of us with sensitive skin! I've so far only experienced wonderful results and no signs of break outs or reaction. 

I have been using this toner every other day since I do suffer from dry skin and don't want to overly dry it out. I only have to use a small amount to cover my entire face and begin exfoliating. Afterwards, I follow up with my daily moisturizer consisting of SPF. My skin feels far less dry and flakey after using this as part of my weekly beauty regimen and let's also talk about the smell. I basically describe this toner as blooms for your face - because, well, it is.

I will personally never grow tired of the smell of roses. However, I should mention that Anarose is not overkill for those that are on the fence about products with a scent. This toner goes on very lightly (you also can use this product sparingly - it doesn't require a lot per use) and the scent isn't overbearing. I'm extremely eager to try more products from MUN's skin care line that aims to fight aging through the use of their natural, nutrient-rich products!  

Thank you to MUN and PALM BFF'S for collaborating on this blog post! All thoughts and opinions expressed on West Coast Aesthetic are my own and every collaboration is done with absolute integrity.