4 ways to take the time and unwind

Last weekend Tristan and I were home for what felt like the first time all summer so we decided to venture outdoors for a weekend away on the coast. We decided to camp out at Second Beach for a night after an unexpected change in plans when our original camp site at Rialto Beach was full - let's just say, our first night was spent 'glamping' in a hotel in Port Angeles because no one wants to set up camp past midnight! 

After we were settled in at Second Beach, it was time to enjoy the scenic views (literally right outside our tent) and time together. We spent time making a camp fire, making food, skipping rocks, playing games and walking along the beach to check out the tide pools and other views to see. When life is feeling busy and like it's flying by too quickly, there's truly nothing better than making the time to relax and live in the moment. 

Thanks to my latest collaboration with Kickstarter campaign Wood Grain Watches, I tasked myself during our trip with various ways you too can take the time to unwind. I've always been a fan of the wood grain watch styles that have been trending lately - they're the perfect gender-neutral watch style, they go with everything! I'm also happy to share this Kickstarter campaign was just released and is not offering an early-bird pricing special! 

For those that struggle to achieve R&R and constantly feel on the go, here's a few different ways you can take the time to unwind:

1. Go off the grid. Whether it's going on a hike, planning a camping trip or going for a scenic drive, sometimes there's nothing better than removing yourself from everyday life to relax. It also doesn't even have to be a big, expensive, planned-out vacation! For those living in the Greater Seattle Area, you can venture to the Olympic Peninsula or the Cascades within hours to soak in incredible views away from the city! Take the time to explore what places are in your backyard. 

2. Turn off your notifications. I've been trying to get better at doing this on the weekends. When I know I'm having a weekend 'off' from freelancing, work and blogging, I turn my notifications on my phone off for emails. It's amazing how stress-free I feel when I don't have notifications coming in every other minute and tempting me to see what is being sent over! I tend to turn my notifications off on Friday evening and don't turn them back on until Sunday evening. This little break makes all the difference in the world.

3. Unplug. Sometimes when turning off notifications doesn't feel like enough, dedicate a few hours or day(s) to unplugging. When I officially unplug for a few days, I set up an Out of Office on my email so I am reassured those trying to contact me know there will be a delay. In this day and age, unplugging can make you feel left out or filled with anxiety if you're not checking your social media or emails, but I've found it to be so necessary! I've been trying to become less reliant on my phone so I can spend more of my time in the moment. 

4. Have no agenda. I'm definitely more of a planner so going into a day or weekend with no agenda can stress me out at times. But, I've found when I have a free day or weekend it can be nice to have absolutely no agenda. It often results in some of my most productive or relaxing days and both are good for the soul! If you struggle with taking the time to enjoy a 'no agenda' day, I highly recommend blocking out a day on your calendar that is dedicated as NO AGENDA. It will hold you accountable for taking the time off. 

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