Luxury candles for your luxurious home

When I moved into my apartment two years ago, my interior design goal was to create and maintain a space that was comfortable, stylish and luxe-looking without the outrageous price tag. Aside from the statement furniture pieces that fill my home, the main pieces that continue to keep it fresh, modern and on trend the past two years are the decorative accents I add to it. 

Two ways I can always count on keeping my home fresh is displaying greenery (I am starting small with succulents and cacti because I'm honestly terrified I'll kill anything larger!) and having an array of fragrance options suited to the time of year. Candles are one of my favorite ways to freshen up my home and I'm constantly on the hunt for ones that will go the distance despite burning (almost) every evening when I'm home relaxing after work. Although I'm usually not super picky on scents, I tend to gravitate toward natural aromas that hint at the outdoors - nothing overly sweet. Insert, Kavaldon. My most recent candle brand obsession offering an array of luxury candles in varying scents all dependent on your scent preference! Kavaldon candles are created out of Los Angeles (no wonder I'm obsessed) and aim to embrace luxury fragrance and refined style - two elements I am constantly trying to showcase in my home. 

I've been rotating between burning Empress and Harmony the past week and picking a favorite is virtually impossible. These candles come out to be $35 for an 8.5 ounce size with an estimated burn time at 55 hours - in comparison to other candles on the market of this size, the price is extremely reasonable! These candles are also the perfect size if you get sick of burning votives or smaller candles that burn down to the wick 1-2 times after use!

Empress is a scent I love to burn in the evenings while indulging in a glass of wine and a comforting meal. Empress is a comforting aroma consisting of notes of black pepper and tangerine (hence, the fresh); mid-notes of clove, jasmine and rose and base notes of amber. 

Harmony is rather different from Empress as it's more fresh and floral to the scent - a favorite of mine to burn on summer evenings or midday when the sun is pouring into my apartment. This candle reminds me of a bouquet of flowers from the Sunday market. Top notes consist of black currant, mandarin zest and raspberry giving your home a fruity tang. Mid-notes consist of cherry blossom and rose petals (one can never go wrong with the fresh hue of rose!) and the final base notes of white woods eluding the the outdoors in a subtle yet natural way. 

The packaging of Kavaldon candles are also worth writing home about! Sleek in appearance and branding, they blend into my rather monochromatic apartment (shades of white and dove gray) quite nicely. Also, these jars are durable and the DIY uses are endless once you've burned your candle out. Some ways I anticipate using my jars is for a potted plant or used as a makeup brush holder. 

Thank you to Kavaldon for collaborating on this blog post! All thoughts and opinions expressed on West Coast Aesthetic are my own and every collaboration is done with absolute integrity.