Julep Beauty Haul: My favorites and why

One of the items on my to-do list going into winter was to organize my beauty bins and determine what products I no longer needed, liked or used. It was also meant to create more space for new beauty products I have been integrating into my beauty routine! When I was gifted this massive beauty product haul from Julep it gave me the excuse I needed to get organized and introduce some new items into my everyday and weekly beauty routine! 

Despite it often being overwhelming to receive so much product and determine how to use it, I was lucky enough to have my friend Mckenna (of The Modern Mosaic) who is the social media manger at Julep talk me through the products and their benefits! It made the process of integrating them into my routine less daunting and I haven't looked back since.

Here's a breakdown of my favorite products from the haul and why they are worth considering as your embark on your next beauty shopping spree! 

Nail Polish: Very rarely will you find me with unpainted nails. Having my nails painted is always a must in my book. I love the Julep nail polish color options because there is such a range to choose from! Right now, I'm loving the glittery shades and bold colors for winter months. I was gifted: Eve (the radiant purple color), Elsie (my favorite of the moment, the glittery red), Lee (a solid and bold red go-to) and Amanda (a sassy pink shade). All of these shades are long lasting (I've tested) and will be on rotation this winter for my manicures and pedicures. 

Mascara: I'm all about a mascara that gives me some extra volume (with or without the use of a lash curler). I have naturally longer lashes but this With a Twist lash boosting bamboo mascara amplifies them to a whole other level! It also makes my lashes look thicker which is another plus. One of my favorite features of this mascara is the customization feature! To build volume, you twist the customizable wand to shorten or elongate the brush. It's such a fun feature and allows you to have flexibility with how bold you want your eyes to look. 

Cleansing oil: After a long day who wants to take an extra 10 minutes taking off makeup? I sure don't. I use an average of 2-3 face wipes to feel like I get all of my makeup off and I still find I have leftover makeup on my face the next morning. When I was introduced to this hydrating cleansing oil it changed my life. It's the best solution to face wipes I've found! With dry hands, I pump a generous amount and massage into my hands and then all over my face. It instantly dissolves my makeup within seconds (doesn't burn my eyes) and also helps cleanse my face from clogged pores and dirt. After I've wiped off all the makeup I just use warm water and a washcloth to get off the last of the remaining makeup - I feel 10x cleaner than I do after using face wipes and I feel like I'm being better for the environment reducing the amount of wipes I'd use on a daily basis. I've also found it to be long-lasting (I'm still on my first bottle and I've been using this daily for a month!) Definitely worth the hype and purchase! 

Lips: I was introduced to Julep lip products a couple of years ago and it is without fail, still some of my favorite lip products to date! The It's Whipped lip mousse and Julep Lip Glosses are my favorites to use because they stay on no matter how many coffees or snacks you have! It's also not heavy so often times you forget you're wearing it! I prefer nude shades right now with mauve/pink undertones so these are a couple of my favorites of the moment: ooh la la and all the feels

I also gave the It's Balm lip crayon a whirl and it's also a solid choice for the fall/winter months when you experience constant chapped lips! The lip crayon is extremely hydrating and gives you a nice hue so it acts as a lip balm and lip stick all in one. I am loving the Dusty Orchid Shimmer shade - it's a darker mauve and is long-lasting. 

Cushion Complexion / Skin Perfector: I was so excited to try out the cushion complexion 5-in-1 face perfector to see how efficient it was in covering up blemishes and giving me that dewy matte finish I was going for. I used the Buff shade and it is the perfect color for my skin tone (not too dark and not too light to wash me out). The recommendation when selecting a shade is to go with the lighter of the shades if you're stuck between two. 

Using the cushion complexion is so easy! You just twist the bottom a couple of times to prime then the product will come out onto the cushion tip and you start applying all over your face for coverage and blend using fingers or a makeup sponge. 

Primer: I'll be honest, I'm not the best at using primer on a daily basis. It's just another step to add to my routine and I ofter overlook it. But I'm absolutely obsessed with this Illuminating Blank Canvas Primer! I think I love it for this time of year because it gives me a nice glow without being too shiny. It also helps my makeup last throughout an entire day and all sorts of weather! It goes on smoothly and isn't blotchy like some primers can be. 

All you have to do to apply is use a small amount (the size of a pea, no bigger) and evenly spread it all over your face with fingers or a makeup sponge. Wait about 30 seconds then start applying makeup. 

Thank you to Julep for collaborating on this blog post! All thoughts and opinions expressed on West Coast Aesthetic are my own and every collaboration is done with absolute integrity. 

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