Getting glam with Glossier

I first heard about Glossier when I was having a fan girl moment after realizing that Emily Weiss, the founder, was the brief yet memorable New York intern who made appearances on MTV's The Hills. I'm still a bit of an amateur when it comes to dabbling in the beauty world since there are so many brands and products to sift and sort through in order to establish your favorites.

What a lot of people do not know is that I have super sensitive skin and am allergic to any skincare (like face wipes or lotion) or makeup products consisting of fragrance. Meaning, I have to be extremely cautious about what sort of products I use on my skin and as my daily beauty routine.

As I've gotten older, I've learned to appreciate and understand the importance of skincare. And that every year you don't do your part in preventing skin damage it becomes that much more irreversible over time. (Mom, this is my ode to you and all your years of telling me to moisturize and wear sunscreen daily, even here in the northwest!) In fact, living in Seattle I've noticed my skin and lips have been more dry than any other place I've been! 

I recently scoped out the various products Glossier offers and aside from my designer heart swooning over the packaging and brand as a whole, I love the mission: We're laying a foundation for a beauty movement that celebrate real girls, in real life. You've gotta love a beauty brand that is so passionate about creating personalized products and recognizing that not every person's skincare or makeup preferences are the same.

For starters, I tried out the Coconut Balm Dotcom to get a feel for the product line before diving into other skincare products. And I'm telling you, I'm hooked. The scent is delightfully subtle and light and the balm itself lasts for hours -- my lips get chapped so quickly it's so refreshing not having to reapply as often as ordinary chapstick. I also appreciate how when you purchase the products on the Glossier website it informs you of what the product will do for you. My Coconut Balm Dotcom provides me with the following: moisturizing, soothing and conditioning. A major plus is that it's a hypoallergenic product made with natural ingredients and plant extracts. 

*Editorial Photos Featured: Glossier

I start and end every day with face wash. It has become the most important part (aside from sunscreen) of my daily beauty routine, no matter where I am.

So, what's next on my list to purchase?

The Milky Jelly Cleanser Face Wash which is also hypoallergenic and a fragrance-free purifying and moisturizing product that provides nourishment to the face and is perfect for using during my morning shower.

Haven't jumped on the Glossier bandwagon yet? Well, what are you waiting for?