I'll be the first to admit I've never been a huge fan of tea, despite how many different ones I've tried I still find myself choosing my vanilla latte in the morning. However, it wasn't until recently I discovered my love for iced/cold tea. There's something so refreshing about a cold beverage that's filled with so many different healthy and delicious flavors! 

When I was approached by RUNA to try out a variety of their teas, I couldn't pass up the opportunity! RUNA teas are supplied with the Amazonian super-leaf Guayusa which is naturally packed with caffeine, polyphenols and 15 essential amino acids and despite most teas tasting overly bitter, all of their teas taste naturally sweet and are easy to drink no matter the flavor! I love that these beverages give me the caffeinated kick in the morning that I need without resorting to a coffee that will leave me feeling drowsy or battling a headache. 

So far in the batch I was supplied, I've sipped on the Mint Honeysuckle, Half&Half (*my personal favorite because it tastes like a classic Arnold Palmer with a twist), Sweet Peach, Hibiscus-Berry Guayusa and the Lime Zero Unsweetened Guayusa. Each one is unique in flavor but delicious and perfect for a sunny, summer day! Tea lovers, I'm jumping on your bandwagon!