Cozy meets fall florals

When you hear the word cozy often times you picture yoga pants or your most comfortable pair of flannel pajama bottoms. Well I'm hear to tell you, that cozy can also be stylish. In the fall, the weather fluctuates so much in Seattle that I always prefer to wear several layers to keep me warm. When I first laid my eyes on this cream Zara turtleneck I was in heaven. It wasn't until I picked it up that I felt how incredibly soft it is too! This turtleneck is by far my favorite fall finding of the season and wow, is it well-insulated!

My favorite way to wear this oversized sweater at the moment is with a skirt. My Zara floral rug-inspired mini skirt has an array of fall colors in its palette. From olive green to blue to shades of red and varying hues of beige (all of my favorite fall colors), I knew this would be the perfect piece to compliment my turtleneck. Because my turtleneck keeps me so warm, I can get away with wearing a mini skirt on colder fall days. 

Because my turtleneck does its part to keep me warm, my lightweight military pullover jacket from Nordstrom is the perfect accent to this outfit. Not to mention, it helps bring out the darker tones of my floral skirt.

My Sam Edelman maroon rain boots also complimented the colors in my look and were the most realistic choice on a rainy, fall day. They keep my feet cozy, warm and dry all while adding some sleek style to any outfit.

For accessorizing, I'm using my Buffalo & Co. leather bucket bag. It's the perfect bag to use when I'm on the go and did I's waterproof/weatherproof!? I love using a bag that can endure the rainy fall days but also is a statement piece in my outfit. When I wear turtlenecks, I generally avoid necklaces unless they are a longer pendant style, so I typically lean toward earrings. My dangling gold hoops from Nordstrom are always my favorite go to because they are minimalistic but they still make enough of a statement that I can keep other jewelry on the minimum. 

Mixing and matching layers all while playing up your outfit's color palette and textures are great ways of making cozy, presentable! Looking stylish all while wearing comfortable clothing is the key to success in my book.

Click on the video below to check out exclusive behind the scenes from my shoot with the amazing Jessica WhitakerShe does a walk-through on how to shoot photos of fashion bloggers and what sorts of details you don't want to miss in your next shoot! 

*Click the images to enlarge. If you repost these photos please provide proper credit to West Coast Aesthetic, Jessica Whitaker for photography and Sophie of Hutch Artistry for hair/makeup. Thank you! Xo