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Now that I'm settled into my apartment and satisfied with its decor / furnishings (this has been a struggle being the OCD designer that I am), I have been doing some research as to what other ways I can liven up my space.

I have decided to take this literally and have been looking into ways to integrate more greenery/plant-life into my home. While my home always has fresh market bouquets on display on a weekly basis, I am seeking out ways to integrate indoor plants into my home that require little maintenance but add a little flare to my decor. I've specifically been looking at cacti, succulents and a range of larger floor plants for a corner space. Why I'm so drawn to smaller plants like cacti and succulents is the countless ways you can style these plants inside jars and boxes that can be placed on bar carts, book cases, counter tops, etc. 

I'm in need of some suggestions when it comes to plants that are known to go the distance especially since I am not a very experienced plant owner. I'm looking for plants that require little maintenance in terms of weekly watering, don't create a mess when it comes to soil/dirt and are capable of surviving the abundant sunlight my apartment gets in the mornings and early afternoons and shade in the late afternoon. I'm really trying to hone in my plant ownership skills before I venture to my outdoor patio space with garden beds and herb pots. What are your recommendations for a beginner plant owner? Success stories? Failures to learn from? What sort of pots/vases do you recommend? Feel free to comment below or shoot me an email at: westcoastaesthetic@gmail.com

Check out some of my favorite ways plants can be styled and integrated into a home's decor:

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