Sunset chasing at Carkeek Park

I've always been known to do my fair share of chasing down gorgeous sunsets and sunrises, especially in new places to soak in new perspectives. Now that I'm a fairly new resident to the Seattle/Ballard area, I've been anxious to explore new spots on my Seattle Bucket List and places I've never heard of that friends and family have recommended I visit. This last week I had the pleasure of visiting a beautiful tucked away spot called Carkeek Park just miles from my front door. Carkeek is a small sandy/beach cove that isn't overly populated (which I love) that was recommended to me by my friend Anthony, who made for an awesome adventure buddy. Approaching sunset, we packed up our camera bags and soaked in the view and sunset after a beautiful and warm Seattle day. I know I'll be visiting this spot more in the summer months to relax, tan, paint, swim and picnic.

Here are some of my favorite shots from our sunset adventure:

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