Paper Fashion


While searching for art prints for the purpose of decorating my new apartment, I have stumbled across various designers and artists I cannot believe I never knew existed up until now! One of those amazing artists happens to be Katie Rodgers of Paper Fashion

The thing about Paper Fashion is that I had seen bits and pieces of Katie's work featured on Lauren Conrad's Instagram (one of my favorite grammar's to follow!) but never really knew the artist behind the masterpieces. The distinct feminine glitter, sequins, paint strokes and color palette make the look and feel of Paper Fashion stand out from the rest. I've been SUPER into fashion illustrations/minimalistic paint and ink figures and I think this is partially why I'm so drawn to Katie's work; however, she ties texture and color into each piece creating artwork unlike anything I've ever seen.

I highly encourage you to visit the Paper Fashion website to check out more of Katie's work as well as getting insight into her overall process; her walk-thru videos are so inspiring to watch as well as her before, during and after photos. She's also a delight to follow on Instagram for daily inspiration! I took a scroll through her website/blog and couldn't bring myself to stop, the creativity is never-ending and so inspiring for creatives!  

Here are some of my favorites from her site: 

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