The art of the bar cart

I am so excited to move into a new home and start decorating from the ground up. But I'm particularly excited to indulge in the trend I've been loving lately, the bar cart. The bar cart is a fabulous way to display your favorite products and show off your own personal aesthetic. My personal preference for the bar cart is a minimalistic approach with some bold statement pieces. Below are some of my recommendations when it comes to styling a bar cart: 

1. Florals + plants: A fabulous way to add a bright and bold statement to your bar cart. Personal favorites for the bar cart include: roses, succulents, peonies and lavender. 

2. Bar recipes books: If you have some recipe books or some favorite coffee table books that are collecting dust on your bookcase or on your shelf, dust them off and display them on a bar cart. Stack vases, barware, liquor bottles and other products on top of them. Integration of the elements is key.

3. Mixers: It's a bar cart. This seems pretty self-explanatory but keep it minimal, don't clutter your bar cart up. My favorite "mixers" to display are: San Pellegrino beverages, lemons, limes, rosemary and mixing straws.

4. Coasters: If you don't already have them lying around the house or do not want them on your coffee table 24/7, keep them on your bar cart for easy access. I am a fan of these agate coasters from Second Shout Out that have a gold finish and come in beautiful jewel tones. 

5. The bar cart, itself: Obviously a key element but oh the options you have! I love a minimalistic cart with two trays (bottom and top) for more room to store and display products. I also am a fan of the bar carts with wheels so you can move it around a room without having to take the products off of it. This gold bar cart I'm swooning over is sold at Target for a steal. 

6. Alcohol: Maybe it's the designer in me but I'm naturally drawn to liquor that comes in unique bottles or have stand-out labels. These are the sorts of products I would recommend displaying on your bar cart or any of your personal favorites. After all, you only want to display what you will indulge in, that's the point! 

7. Barware: Don't display it all if you have 20+ wine glasses and beer mugs, but I definitely recommend featuring 4-6 glasses for a quick grab and pour or for when you have guests over.

What are some of your favorite bar cart products or tips? Post a comment below or send me an email at: 

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