Holiday attire

We are t-minus hours until Christmas...can you believe it? The year has flown by into another holiday season that we get to cherish with our family and friends. Christmas truly is about this special time we spend with the ones we love but often times along with all of the holiday traditions come plenty of family photos. At least, this rings true in my family. And so, every year I feel the need to plan ahead my Christmas day outfit, once I've mustered up the energy after opening presents and devouring plates of cinnamon rolls.

I always try to go for an outfit that is comfortable, somewhat festive, warm (I do live in the Pacific Northwest after all) and stylish --typically, I'm a fan of layering so I can dress an outfit up for evening photos and down for afternoon present opening and relaxation time. Although you may decide to wear something fresh out of the Christmas box you just opened, here are a few trends to help inspire your holiday outfit this year. 

One of my favorite go-to looks for the holidays is plaid. It just looks festive, doesn't it? And there are so many different ways you can rock this fashion staple. Whether it be a jacket, scarf, purse, top or skirt, you really can't go wrong --especially if you can score this look in a warm material. You're sure to stay cozy and stylish all day long. Here's a few of my favorite plaid looks:

Who says you can't make a statement with neutrals and delicate jewelry? Neutrals can be paired with anything and really allow room to play up accessories and hair styles. I'm loving the cool shades like heather grey, light amethyst hues and creams --all popular within the holiday color palette. Neutrals are a staple in my closet because they can go with anything and make for great layering pieces. Here are some of my favorite neutral findings: 

It doesn't have to be New Years for you to sparkle. Get your shine on during the holidays with simple staple pieces that show off the shine. These looks tend to go great matched with neutrals and a few statement jewelry pieces. Here are some of my favorite looks:

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