Creative Contributors: ShaeLee Haglund & Hailey Thomson

*All visuals are provided by Hailey Thomson and ShaeLee Haglund - if you repost any of these visual elements, please properly tag/give credit to these two creatives or directly link to this West Coast Aesthetic blog post.

I am so excited to share this contributor piece from two Seattle-based creatives and graphic design students at Seattle Pacific University. Hailey Thomson and ShaeLee Haglund recently wrapped up their visual brand project: KÆNGa hypothetical sustainable thai restaurant and shared their creative process and case study with me.

I am blown away by these ladies' talents within the field of design, creative strategy and visual communication as a whole and am excited to share this piece with you all.

Visual provided by Hailey Thomson and ShaeLee Haglund

For the creatives that have endured these sometimes grueling yet inspiring projects while in design school or in the world of design, I am sure you can relate to the creative process. For those of you that are new to creative briefs and design processes as a whole, it will be broken down for you as follows: 

BRIEF: a document indicating how the design will develop. A project brief will evolve through the project stage and concept design phase.

KÆNG, A Seattle/Portland Thai food restaurant centered on providing delicious traditional Thai food in an approachable and beautiful environment that is focused on sustainable practice. 

Visual provided by Hailey Thomson and ShaeLee Haglund

User research study: critical studies or evaluations about people, demographics, behaviors and contexts that will directly influence a design. 

Visual provided by Hailey Thomson and ShaeLee Haglund

Mood boarding / Inspiration findings: collages, collections and layouts that share images, text, samples of objects that may be physical or digital that "inspire" a creative project.

Creative Approaches: the various ways in which designers try out different ways to come up with a successful final design.

Logo development: creating a distinct mark or symbol for a brand that will signify its very meaning and will relate to the product, brand or consumer. 

Visual provided by Hailey Thomson and ShaeLee Haglund

The creative process can take hours, days, weeks, months and sometimes, if it's a large campaign or project, a year. Throughout this process designers will tweak, change and start over from scratch if time permits. Once the designer has settled on a final result, the elements must tie in together for consistency throughout the various mediums. As observed in KÆNG through the successful use of color, pattern, typeface, organic shapes and materials creating a consistent look and feel that creates an overall brand.

Visuals provided by Hailey Thomson and ShaeLee Haglund

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