What I'm thankful for

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In the spirit of Thanksgiving and all of the recent “I’m thankful for…” posts, I thought I would share the five things that I am the most thankful for this year. This year has definitely been one for the books filled with so many changes, creative endeavors and memories. This list doesn’t include each and every blessing I have encountered along the way this year but for each of those moments, I am extremely thankful as well.

1.     My family. And my biggest support system. This year I have encountered more changes than I have experienced in my entire life in a matter of months. I graduated college, started a career, moved away from my college home of four years and was welcomed back to the home I grew up in to save money before I move to the big city---although this was an extreme adjustment for me, I am thankful for the unconditional love and support they have supplied me with along the way, everyday.  

2.     Honest and loving friendships – both new and old. With all of the changes this year this has also been a year of trial and error when it comes to friendships. It has been a definite eye opener for me as to who is willing to stay in touch when distance and time become a challenge. I am thankful for the friendships I can celebrate for the years past and years of wonderful future memories to come; I am thankful for the new friends I have made these last few months with great potential to grow and I am thankful for the friendships that have dwindled but have taught me who to trust and how to love.

3.    Pursuing my career. I am thankful to have a vision of my future that fuels what type of person I want to be. If I did not stick to my passions and creative desires, I can honestly say I would not have landed my current career with enormous potential to travel, succeed and grow as a designer, creative and individual (#GIRLBOSS –thank you, Sophia Amoruso). I am thankful for chances I have taken and the professional and personal choices I have made to be successful at a young age. I am thankful I learned how to dream big and never limit myself.

4.     Creative endeavors. I am thankful for the creative projects I have accomplished this year, some of which have been in the works for years. I am thrilled to have launched my successful design/style/lifestyle blog, West Coast Aesthetic this year. Not only did this side project turn into a passion but it also stimulates me creatively and requires me to brainstorm constantly. I am also thankful for the incredible amount of support I have gained from my subscribers (THANK YOU), social media followers (THANK YOU), family (THANK YOU) and friends (THANK YOU). And I also am thankful to have the opportunity to meet so many creative individuals throughout this entire process.

5.     My health –mentally and physically. This is often seen as a generic “I’m thankful for” response but it’s true. I am thankful to be alive, happy, and confident. One thing I have discovered this year is how crucial mental health is to your physical health. Finding inner happiness has made me feel better than when I worked out everyday but still felt self conscious and anxious. Now I focus on the balance of eating right, exercising when I can and taking time for myself everyday to refuel and reconnect with myself doing what I want to do not what I am expected to do by others.

All in all, 2014, you have been a bliss-filled year. There have been so many memories, bittersweet goodbyes and cheerful beginnings. I look forward to what 2015 will have in store.

I wish you all a happy Thanksgiving spent with loved ones, eating delicious food and reflecting on what you are thankful for.


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