Dock Party

You might be under the assumption that Seattle rains all of the time, right? Wrong! This summer we wanted to show-off Seattle’s sunny side. So we did a thing. We took over an entire dock at Greenlake and captured our own take of what summers really look like here in the Pacific Northwest – flamingo floaties, popsicles, swimsuits, rosé and all!

Some of Seattle’s favorite influencers Rohini Elyse, Sorelle Hardin of Autumn Sorelle and Bailey Chauner of Hot Dress Hot Mess joined in on the fun at the dock – soaking up the sunshine all while showing off some of their go-to trends for summer. From bucket hats, one-piece swimsuits to colorful sunnies, we embraced all that Summer 2019 fashion has to offer. Although, we’ll be the first to admit, we’re all feeling that 90’s nostalgia and we’re not mad about it. PS. Wendy Peffercorn might want her poolside look back. 

We want to put Seattle on the map. This city is our home and over the years it has become a hub for dynamic, creative collaboration, female empowerment, personal style and well, the summers don’t suck either. Dock Party embraces all of these things and loads of color (because that’s sort of our thing). Our hope is that Dock Party can serve as unique, summer style inspiration and encourage other females to ideate, create, collaborate, work and make magic together.

Dock Party was the brain child of two Seattle-based female creatives who dream big and enjoy the hustle in side-hustle while working full-time jobs. My creative partner in crime is Seattle and LA-based wedding photographer Jenna Bechtholt (@jennabechtholt) ( We love to partner up on fashion-focused editorial projects with varying themes, vendors and creatives to produce content that we're personally inspired by. These projects give us a chance to do something outside of our typical 9-5 jobs as an Art Director and wedding photographer. We also want to help drive the conversation and empower female creatives to collaborate and support one another in their community.

This project was incredible to work on – and it wouldn’t have come together without our team of girl bosses:

Photographer: Jenna Bechtholt Photography

Art Direction/Styling: Allison Wagner


Rohini Elyse of Rohini Elyse

Sorelle Hardin of AutumnSorelle

Bailey Chauner of Hot DressHot Mess

Creative note: *Click the images to enlarge. If you repost these photos please provide proper credit to West Coast Aesthetic and Jenna Bechtholt Photography, thank you! xo