The latest makeup products to DROP


My makeup routine is pretty simple (we’re talking less than 15 minutes for my Monday-Friday work face). I’ve gotten into a groove with what products I use that work with my overly sensitive skin. When it comes to makeup application, I’m a lover of the facial sponge — I’ve been a loyal Ecotools girl over the years, mainly because I had a horrible reaction to a makeup sponge that was not hypoallergenic so I feared trying anything else.

When I first heard about Makeup Drop, I was intrigued, a new sponge! Not to mention, it checked my boxes: hypoallergenic silicone, cruelty-free, non-toxic. The sleek appearance of these ‘drops’ are also to die for. But you never know until you try! So try I did.

I received the Hybrid Applicator and the Everyday Set containing the Original Makeup Drop and the Matte Drop. Each Drop has its own unique purpose but each one makes application easy and results in even coverage. Here are the specifics on how to use each Drop:

The Original Makeup Drop: Great for applying primer, foundation or highlighter! I apply a small amount of product to the Drop. From there, you lightly dab, draw or outline onto your face and then blend into skin. Use the tip to draw sharper lines and to reach corners of eyes for contouring, if needed. To clean, simply wash with water to remove product.

**Pro Tip via Makeup Drop: Throw your Drop in the freezer for a de-puffing skincare routine!

The Matte Drop: Think of it as the perfect blender! Great for foundation, concealer and anything creamy. If you are going for a seamless makeup look, this is the Drop for you.

Hybrid Applicator: Whether you’re using liquid or a cream, this drop has you covered. Great for going out looks or every day looks — you can blend, sculpt and outline with precision. I’ve used this for my daily foundation and liquid blush application.

I’m officially addicted to the feeling of silicone makeup products — they are so gentle on your skin and are lightweight to carry around in your makeup bag.

*Collaboration note: Thank you Makeup Drop for collaborating on this product sponsored blog post! All thoughts and opinions expressed on West Coast Aesthetic are my own and every collaboration is done with absolute integrity.