An evening at Palisade

Last week I had the pleasure of dining at Palisadethe picturesque restaurant located at Elliott Bay Marina in Magnolia. This month, Palisade turns 25-years-old and to help celebrate the anniversary, I was invited by Avi Soor and Antonio Smith of the Seattle Gents to indulge in a spread of seafood, wine and dessert alongside a group of male and female influencers (shout out to Avi, Anthony, Tremain, Esther, Jorden, Bailey and Antonio!) This was my first time attending Palisade and I think my next visit will be hard to top after such a fun night with a group of amazing people! 

When you're among a group of influencers, expect lots and lots of photos and videos (even in a restaurant as fancy and picturesque as Palisade). I mean c'mon, we have priorities! Once we were led inside to our table we were able to soak in the incredible views looking back out to the city of Seattle. We kicked off the evening with a bottle of wine and a full seafood tower (I highly recommend it if you're a seafood fan!) We're talking oysters, crab, lobster, poke and shrimp! I was already feeling full after this course! Next up was a choice of the bisque or salad - I couldn't resist the lobster bisque! But wow, was it filling! For our main course, all of us ended up ordering the halibut off the menu and I can honestly say it was one of the best preparations of halibut I've had here in the Pacific Northwest! Despite wanting to surrender after being this full, the desserts were last but not least. I went with the banana sundae and stole a few bites from Antonio's white chocolate torte, both were to die for! 

Aside from the incredibly prepared dishes we indulged in, it was so much fun to spend an evening with this group of influencers! We had so much fun we stayed until almost 11pm!

One of my goals for the Seattle creative community is to bring the male and female creatives more and I want to send a huge thank you to the Seattle Gents for having the same goal and bringing us all together! While some faces were familiar from previous events or being Instagram friends, I had a blast taking the time to talk with each person about our careers, personal lives, goals, passions, creative outlets and hopes for the Seattle creative community. After talking with each person at the dinner I came away feeling very full, inspired and genuinely happy. I'm so thankful to be a member of a creative community that is made up of such unique, creative and dynamic individuals. 

A huge thank you to Palisade for hosting all of us at your beautiful restaurant to celebrate 25 years and an evening that brought us all together! We'll be back.