Ridin' through The Shop in SoDo

Earlier this month, Tristan and I were invited to the grand opening of The Shop, a brand new establishment for car and motorcycle enthusiasts to gather in Seattle's SoDo district. I knew bringing Tristan as my +1 would be so much fun because out of the two of us, he's the one driving us around on road trips and constantly keeping me informed of the latest and greatest cars and trucks on the road.

The Shop is a designated space (we're talking 36,500 square feet of space) for 'Country Club Gearheads' that features an indoor vehicle storage with some of the most incredible vehicles on display! We had so much fun during our exclusive guided tour of the garage that allowed us to check out all of the cars - including Seattle-based Macklemore's Cadillacs and moose motorcycle! It was so cool to see in person! 

My personal favorite was the black Jag - I was so pleased to find out a female owns/drives this car! 

Aside from storing high-class vehicles on site, we learned about the benefits of being a member at The Shop (all included with a membership buy-in of course): on-site car and motorcycle techs, how-to classes for owners, valet services and a member card/cigar room - we even got to check out the secret bookcase that opens to a door for food to get delivered to the room. The food comes from Derby, a brand new Ethan Stowell restaurant located on site. Stowell restaurants are some of my favorites in the Seattle area, so I was thrilled to sample some of the cocktails and appetizers during the opening. Although the garage itself is closed off to the public to view the cars up close and personal (members only), the restaurant is open to the general public and worth the visit!

After we meandered through the garage and restaurant, we stopped by the VR display where Tristan was able to wear VR goggles and select the race track of his choosing to "drive" for five solid minutes! I was too intimidated to do a VR race due to the fact I had 1. Never done VR before and 2. There was a television screen hooked up for all to see your driving skills...I wanted to save myself from the embarrassment. 

We had so much fun checking out the brand new space in SoDo, one of the up and coming industrial neighborhoods of Seattle! I don't get to explore SoDo as much as I'd like since it's farther away from where I work and live, but with more incredible places opening up like The Shop, you'll catch me ridin' through the area! 

Thank you to The Shop for collaborating on this blog post! All thoughts and opinions expressed on West Coast Aesthetic are my own and every collaboration is done with absolute integrity. 

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