When you have a case of the Monday's

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Well, the weekend flew by faster than I could have imagined. I spent mine in the sunshine, playing golf with Tristan, exploring more of our backyard at Olympic Sculpture Park, binging Chef's Table, catching up on blog posts, freelance work and emails and enjoying brunch with some incredible creatives at Seattle Creative Brunch! It was a busy weekend and although there was some R&R in between the fun, I wish it lasted longer! Needless to say, Monday's are no joke and I have a major case of them. The only cure to get me through my day is a large amount of coffee and a happy hour to look forward to after work! 

Luckily, a few weeks ago Sarah of Sarah Wolfe Photography and I met up for coffee and photos at the cutest coffee shop I've ever visited in the Seattle area! You simply cannot visit Preserve & Gather without snapping a photo for the 'gram. You'll stumble across Preserve & Gather in the Greenwood neighborhood of Seattle. The exterior appears to be like any other coffee shop but once you're inside you've been transported to a sleek interior with a gold foiled accent wall, vibrant yellow chairs, potted plants, giant windows and an array of seating. Not to mention, their coffee is delicious as are their pastries that are made fresh (we even watched them make a few loaves during our meet up!) 

Knowing this space was vibrant in appearance, I knew I had to have an outfit that would compliment my surroundings! My Maude jumpsuit is always a head-turner with its bold floral print and bell bottoms. It's a bit long on me so I have to wear the jumpsuit with heels or wedges. In the summer, wedges are my go-to when I'm dressing up a look so my nude BP wedges from years back at Nordstrom were the perfect choice. They give me some extra height and are still so comfortable to wear! 

Whenever I get the chance to layer a graphic tee within an outfit, I go for it. My Chic Happens top from Sookie + Co embraces my Monday mindset perfectly. If you're looking for a jumpsuit style hack, here it is: if you're wanting to wear your jumpsuit as a pair of pants instead of visibly appearing as a jumpsuit, layer a shirt, tee or sweater over your jumpsuit. People won't know the difference and will assume you're wearing a fun pair of pants! 

Despite it being summer time, it's always FREEZING in my office because they blast the A/C! A perfect solution is bringing an extra sweater, pullover or jacket. Any chance I get to wear my Zara yellow leather jacket, I make it happen. This look compliments the color and style of my jacket perfectly giving my outfit a little edge but bringing out the yellow florals in my jumpsuit 'pants.'

I had fun accessorizing this look with a leather choker courtesy of Brickyard Buffalo that is a fun alternative to my go-to statement necklaces or dainty gold jewelry. A couple of gold statement rings finish this look off to keep it simple and focused on my bold print and graphic play. However, the best accessory on a Monday is no doubt a cup of coffee! 

I love to brighten up my Monday blues with a playful or unique outfit with items I have fun piecing together to create an overall inspiring look. What is your Monday style remedy?