My favorite (stylish) accessory for productivity

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I'll be the first to admit I used to be that girl who scoffed at the very idea of wearing a watch on the daily. I found them to be clunky, "in the way," and hard to style. Luckily, with age and as the styles have changed over time, I've been gravitating toward watches as my must-have accessory. It's amazing how a watch has gone from an accessory to a stylish AND productive accessory in my twenties. 

This Tmbr watch in particular has been quite the conversation starter. After all, who doesn't love a rose gold wood watch? This style in particular had me swooning due to the minimalistic design and sleek wristband.  The cherry wood watch face also makes a bold statement and the glass is scratch-proof which means it's extremely sturdy. I also love this watch because it is so lightweight to wear that often times I forget I'm even wearing it throughout the day! They have so many other gorgeous styles that also minimalistic and gorgeous in appearance. 

Incorporating a watch into my weekly outfit rotation (especially on work days) has made me that much more productive since I'm aware of time (literally, right on my wrist) 24/7 and can hold myself accountable.

Not to mention, watches are also so much fun to style! Throw a few chunky bangles or wear a dainty bracelet on your watch wrist to make a complimentary statement! I decided to pair my wood watch with this flouncy spring floral dress from Shop Jessakae, a pair of metallic oxfords from Zara and my favorite leather jacket to date in mustard yellow from Zara. Additional accessorizing was left to a minimum -- a dainty gold bar necklace and my yellow sunnies from LOFT do just the trick.