The business casual uniform I swear by

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Happy Wednesday! We’re officially halfway through the work week! Speaking of work, I’ve been receiving a lot of questions lately about how I manage to show off my personal style while working in the world of tech! There is quite a range I’ve observed since working at Amazon when it comes to style – some people are definitely more on the casual side and others are more dressed up. I think it comes down to personal preference and what role you are in. As an Art Director, I have a little more creative freedom with what I can wear but I still want to look professional and stylish. My outfits tend to vary by the day and what I have on the agenda. I prefer to have a fallback look that is a safe bet for any day and occasion that qualifies as a business casual sort of day.

Here’s my business casual uniform that is sure to impress:

- A fun blouse. I scored my favorite blouse from Peridot Boutique (a small and stylish boutique located in Queen Anne, Seattle). The blouse is covered in a fun lipstick print which was the selling point for me. I love a top with a playful print, color or pattern. It adds a little life to any outfit you wear and it’s always a fun conversation starter. I can’t even count how many compliments I’ve received on it thus far!    

- Denim. The business casual closet must-have for me is denim. Whether it’s dark wash, medium or even a bit distressed – I rock jeans weekly! If you’re dressing up your denim, I recommend heels, wedges or flats. If you’re okay with being a little more on the casual-side loafers, sandals or athletic shoes are great options too! On my very casual days I even wear my fringed denim jeans with a more professional top to make a statement.

- Loafers / flats. The perfect stylish shoes for when you’re on the go but don’t want to be in athletic shoes. I love my Peridot Boutique black loafers with gold detailing because they can so easily be dressed up or worn casually depending on what I’m wearing. Not to mention, they are so comfortable! If I’m going to be on my feet for hours, I want a shoe that’s going to give me the support and comfort I need.

- Statement accessories. The best way to dress up any look as I’ve preached in many a post is statement jewelry or accessories! I tend to rely on a statement necklace to give my outfit a little pop. Statement necklaces tend to be the best option when you want to give the top you’re wearing some flair. I’ve also been looking to other accessories that make a statement like neck scarves, a belt or a hair scarf.

- The work bag. I’ve recently opted for using a backpack as my workday/weekday bag and I can honestly say it’s the best decision I’ve ever made! Sure, I love my handbags as much as the next person but I haul A LOT of stuff in my bags (just ask my boyfriend Tristan!) It wears me out to carry a hefty bag on one shoulder around all day – it’s even resulted in horrible back and neck pain. When I received my Cuyana blush backpack I decided to give it a try. I’ve been so impressed with how much it’s relieved my back pain since it distributes the weight evenly when worn. It also fits everything I need perfectly! Backpacks make for the best work bags all while stylishly fitting your haul.

What is your go-to business casual uniform!?