How to come up with a blog name that is unique to you

I am asked all too often how I came up with my blog name West Coast Aesthetic so I figured it was finally time to share the story behind the name as well as some tips for newbie bloggers or bloggers looking to rebrand when trying to come up with a unique blog name.


As many of you know, I started West Coast Aesthetic (almost) three years ago when I was interning at a design agency right out of college. I started to feel a bit burnt out and unsure if design was a field I wanted to pursue. Feeling discouraged, I decided I needed to have a creative outlet that would reintroduce me to my love for design. At first, I envisioned my blog would simply be a place for me to share mood boards, design tips and other creative inspiration. It didn't involve the fashion, travel and lifestyle the current day West Coast Aesthetic embraces. I decided this creative outlet needed a name and a website and started to play around with the idea of what it would be called. I started writing down words that describe me, my interests, where I live, my career, etc. I did this over the course of a month all while determining what sort of content I'd want this website to host. The word list took up about 8 pages in a moleskin notebook. Before moving to Seattle, when I was commuting for 4+ hours a day, I took the time one evening on my ride home to look at the words I jotted down. I started circling words I really liked that were applicable to this creative outlet and me as a whole (it's the designer in me to want to always brand everything). After circling my favorite words, I started to combine the words to see what flowed well together. When I landed upon the words WEST COAST AESTHETIC I knew it was the winner. What sealed the deal was when I looked up to see if the domain address or social handles had been used. The answer was no, so as soon as I got off my long bus ride I went home and purchased the domain name. 

West Coast Aesthetic, to me, will always hold a special place in my heart and will always be applicable in my life no matter where life takes me. I'm born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and have always been biased when it comes to what coast is the best coast. I love the creative, innovative, youthful energy of the west coast and I feel blessed everyday I get to call this place my home filled with the beautiful people, scenery and memories that have shaped me over the last 25-years. The word aesthetic is defined by the Dictionary as an adjective: concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty or as a noun: a set of principles underlying and guiding the work of a particular artist or artistic movement. And honestly, no matter how you view the word AESTHETIC in the context of my blog I want it to do both. 

I want this blog to showcase my appreciation for the beautiful moments in my life that I create, consume and explore. I also want this blog to drive me creatively to think outside of the box and challenge me in new ways. I want to push my limits, be authentic and share content I believe in. If I decide to move to another state or across the world, my blog name West Coast Aesthetic will always be applicable to my brand as a creative as it showcases where I started and what shaped me, the west coast will always be apart of me no matter where I go.


For those looking to rebrand or those new to blogging looking to come up with a blog name, I'll be the first to admit it can be a bit of a daunting process! But it's worth it once you land on "the one."

Here are my Top 5 Tips for coming up with your unique blog name:

  1. Word Lists | Similar to what I mentioned above, spend 15 minutes a day writing down words that describe you, your interests, your hometown, your career, etc. Take the time to look through your word list and see what words mesh well together and would make a fitting blog name. Once you've settled on a few options, do your research and see what domain names and social handles are available. Sometimes, you have to get a little more creative when domain names and handles are already taken.
  2. Don't Limit Your Name | Be cautious about being too specific with a blog name that may not always be applicable. For example, if you have the word Twenty-Something in your blog name, it may not be applicable a few years from now. 
  3. Think Simple | If your blog will have multiple purposes like hosting a business within it you might want to consider simplifying your name to something people can associate with YOU. Maybe it's just your name or initials? Sometimes, the simple solution is as easy as that! 
  4. Mood Board | If you're a visual person like me, sometimes it helps to get your ideas out in visual form. Create a private Pinterest board and start pinning imagery that inspires you. You may be amazed how looking at visual imagery enough can help you come up with a theme or name that is applicable to your soon-to-be-blog.
  5. Hire a Professional | If you're really stuck on coming up with a branded name for you, leave that work to someone else like a professional designer! They will help you identify your blog's identity and along with that can come a name and overall creative look and feel. Do your research on finding a designer that is a good fit for you and what you want your blog to evolve into.