How Fruigees gets me through the work week

Just in case you missed my recent blog post where I shared My Top 5 Life tips for when you start a new jobone of my tips included taking the time to meal prep! Not only is it a time saver but it's also a huge money saver. I prep 5 days worth of breakfasts and lunches to get me through the day until dinner. However, I should mention, I'm a huge fan of snacking. I hit the 2pm slump of the day where I need an energy boost and instead of leaning on a $5 latte to give me a pick-me-up, I've been packing Fruigees, my new favorite (and healthy) snack that helps me fight afternoon hunger! 

Fruigees consists of a fruit and veggie medley in portable pouches that make transport and snacking easy and mess-free! I originally anticipated Fruigees would be more like a fruit juice but the texture is thicker (think of applesauce versus a juice) and full of delicious flavors: 24 Carrot Orange, Kalefornia Grape (my favorite) and Nothing Beets Cherry -- I love the cute play on words and ingredients! Not only are Fruigee pouches delicious but they are good for you, too! 100% gluten free, no added sugar, vegan, 1/2 cup of fruit and veggie juice, non-GMO and organic for starters!

Fruigees are the perfect go-to snacks for camping trips, road trips and a treat to get you through the work day! Check out their website for local stores that carry this inexpensive, healthy and delicious snack! 

Allison WagnerComment