Why Indie Lee is a brand I can get behind

I like to consider myself a newly-found lover of beauty products -- not that I didn't love beauty products before, but I like to think I'm becoming more knowledgable about the brands and ingredients that are in the products I so religiously use.  

I was introduced to Indie Lee pretty recently when I was reading a beauty blogger's top picks for beauty products that are high-quality and driving forces in eco-friendly beauty. As Indie Lee puts it, the brand is eco-chic beauty. Indie Lee is determined to create products that revolve around the customer and earth's well-being through the use of ingredients that are non-toxic and healthy for your skin! You can check out the Indie Lee Good Ingredients List here. There's also a Bad Ingredients list. I highly recommend taking the time to read through both lists and sift through your beauty products to learn more about what is in the products you use! It's so important to be aware of what you are putting in and on your body and it's your responsibility to find brands that are advocating for healthy alternatives to toxic ingredients! 

Indie Lee offers a variety of products that range from body lotions, body scrubs, moisturizing oils, body balms, blemish sticks, masks, anti aging kits, facial serums, toners, cleansers and more! All of the products featured are suited for individual wants and needs and are targeted to the customer and what you are hoping to get out of your beauty products. Not to mention, the products come in an array of incredible infused scents (we're talking fresh grapefruit, jasmine and coconut...heaven!) 

I've been using my Coconut Citrus Body Scrub the last week and can't get enough of the scent and results! This scrub is made out of coconut, lemongrass, lemon balm, jojoba and vanilla -- an intoxicating aroma that transports me to a tropical getaway every time I use it. This exfoliating scrub is perfect for buffing your skin to get all of the dirt and grime out of your pores so you are left with smooth skin! The scrub comes with a complimentary spoon for use and mixing. I use this scrub in the shower 2-3 times a week (I told you I can't get enough!) First I let the scrub soak up some water from the shower then I scoop the amount I want to use onto my skin and massage the scrub into my skin then rinse off with warm water. Afterward, I apply lotion to keep my skin feeling soft and moisturized. Aside from the results, I was so impressed with the quality of the product, the beautiful product packaging and the fact I was able to so quickly reference what ingredients are in this scrub.

I should also mention that Indie, the woman and creator behind Indie Lee is truly an inspiration and another reason to give Indie Lee products a shot! Indie battled a brain tumor and WON. After her fight she became passionate about creating chic and eco-friendly beauty products that 'combine style and sustainability without sacrifice.' Talk about a GIRLBOSS with a mantra I can get behind! 

There are so many Indie Lee products I can't wait to try! What's on my list to try next?

  • Rosehip Cleanser
  • Vanilla Citrus Moisturizing Oil
  • Lemongrass Calendula Body Lotion

S/O to Indie Lee for collaborating on this post! 

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