By Rosie Jane Spring Beauty Essentials

Spring cleaning isn't just about going through my closet and sorting through what clothes and shoes I need to donate or throw out, it's also the perfect excuse to sort through my makeup bag and do a full cleanse of the beauty products I've been collecting and only keeping the essentials.

What do I consider my beauty essentials?

  • A makeup/beauty bag for carrying my daily products
  • Face wipes for taking off makeup 
  • Chapstick
  • Makeup essentials: mascara, eyebrow pencil, eyelash curler, eyeliner, blush, bronzer, foundation *All the makeup I use is natural and made out of organic ingredients since I have sensitive skin
  • Face lotion + hand lotion 
  • Hair ties and bobby pins
  • Mirror 
  • Comb

When I was introduced to the brand by Rosie Jane I was further reinforced with how important the essentials are when sorting through my beauty products and only keeping the essentials with me on the daily. Rosie Jane is a celebrity makeup artist that founded BRJ which is an eco-focused apothecary and lifestyle brand focused on making products that are essentials for your everyday -- my kinda products! BRJ sells a variety of products like roll-ons, perfume, candles, lotions, cheek + lip gloss and other beauty must-haves.

Recently, BRJ also teamed up with Rebecca Minkoff (a personal favorite of mine to create limited edition beauty essentials). After all, how else are you going to carry your daily beauty favorites around? My neon pink bi-leather detachable wristlet has become my go-to beauty bag as it's the perfect size, feminine pop of color and style for holding all of my essentials. Another reason this is my new favorite beauty essentials bag? Let's talk about the word FEMINIST printed boldly inside. Every time I open my makeup bag I get an extra boost of motivational girl power to get me through my day! Each wristlet comes with a 2ml roll on and cheek + lip color, which is an added bonus! The cheek + lip gloss featured is the color Rose, naturally scented with coconut. This gloss is multi-functional for both cheek and lip. When applied, it leaves a bold pop of color and helps moisturize your skin and lips! I'm also swooning over the Marigold and Poppy glosses too.

BRJ products are all natural, made out of organic ingredients, which is extremely important to me when I am looking for beauty products since I have sensitive skin. BRJ creates fragrances out of essential oils, absolutes and nature identicals instead of synthetic fragrances which are often the main reason skin gets irritated. 

Can we also talk about the BRJ branding and product design? Sleek and minimal branding with beautiful packaging and typography to match. As a designer, I can't help but appreciate when my beauty products are this lovely.

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