LUZIA - the spectacular performance you just can't miss

The last time I attended a cirque du soleil show was when I was a child visiting San Francisco. I vividly remember the costumes, stage design and incredible performers with skill sets that ranged from acrobatics, juggling and dancing. When I learned that cirque du soleil was coming to Washington's Marymoor Park to debut LUZIA from March 30th-May 21st, I was beyond thrilled! I invited my best friend Lauren to come to opening night with me since she had never experienced a cirque du soleil show, and let me tell you, if you haven't experienced one you need to get LUZIA on your list!

We bundled up for a night in the cirque du soleil tent where we indulged in wine, popcorn and Mexico-inspired appetizers before making our way into the main tent to watch the show! Cirque du soleil is a great excuse to dress up for a date night with your significant other or friends and soak in the experience of a lifetime! LUZIA in particular is a sensory phenomena. 

According to the cirque du soleil website, LUZIA transports you to an imaginary Mexico where you can experience a wondrous world that inspires you to explore your senses enveloped in light and nurtured in rain. The use of water/"rain" throughout the show is what makes LUZIA stand out from other cirque du soleil shows from the past. It was incredible to experience the various ways water was used throughout the show from a watering hole where an acrobat dipped his entire body into the pool to a makeshift waterfall that had abstract designs built in as the water fell below and onto the stage. 

The performers came in all forms from a contortionist to acrobats to jugglers to a 'muscle man' to dancers and a main character that added some humor to the show by interacting with the audience throughout, but you have to see it for yourself to truly understand the full experience and plot! Lauren and I left the show feeling inspired and awe-struck by the beauty we experienced in the cirque du soleil tents at Marymoor. I highly recommend seeing LUZIA before the show is over come May 21st, it's truly one you don't want to miss.  

Allison WagnerComment