Achieving beauty sleep with Slip

I'm a firm believer in beauty sleep, whether it's decorating a bedroom that is both comfortable and stylish, purchasing too many pairs of embarrassing flannel pajama bottoms or crashing at 8pm because you just want some extra zzz's, I'm right there with you. When I purchased a foam mattress cover earlier this year I thought it was a game changer when it came to sleep. However, it wasn't until I was introduced to Slip that I have achieved the ultimate GOALS when it comes to beauty sleep. 

I'd read countless articles on silk pillowcases and their benefits but never budged. My cotton sheets and pillowcases were just fine. But that's the thing, they're only fine. Slip silk pillowcases look and feel amazing. Silk pillowcases are also supposed to help prevent hair and skin damage. Also, can we talk about the perks of not waking up with sleep creases on your face!? These mulberry silk pillowcases are made from non-toxic dyes and are light and comforting to the touch. I should also mention, the pillowcases come in a variety of colors to match your bedroom set! Naturally, I chose a set of the charcoal pillowcases to compliment the black and white colors in my bedroom. After a few trial sleeps I can happily say I feel well-rested AND my bed head has dramatically decreased with the help of my new pillowcases.

For those that love to sleep in complete darkness or have difficulty sleeping on planes, I also highly recommend the Slip sleep mask - it comes in so many fun colors! 100% silk, also created with non-toxic dyes and lightweight when worn but reliable for blocking out obnoxious light when you're trying to sleep. Wear your sleep mask while sleeping on your silk pillowcases and you're guaranteed to achieve the ultimate beauty sleep you've been craving. 

S/O to Slip for collaborating on this blog post! 

Allison WagnerComment