Keeping my home fresh with Aera

I'm often told I'm a bit of a fragrance hoarder -- always trying out the latest candles and diffusers. What can I say, I love having a scented home! Especially when it's an excuse to change up the scents throughout the seasons. However, I'll be the first to admit, candles and diffusers aren't cheap and if you're burning through them (literally) all the time it can leave quite a hole in your pocket. 

When I was introduced to the new home scenting option Aera, I was exposed to a a more high-tech and affordable option for keeping fragrance alive and well in my home. So let me give you a little rundown on why Aera is worth considering for all my candle burning lovers out there. 

Aera is a designed device that infuses your home with fragrance throughout the day. With your device, you have a wide-range of fragrance capsule options depending on your preference. The best part if you're indecisive about fragrance? You can take their Fragrance Finder Profile Quiz to help identify which capsule scent might be right for you. I received the Poetry Fragrance Finder Profile and decided to try out this fragrance capsule with my device and I'm loving it! Fragrance notes of Eucalyptus Vetiver and Guaiac Wood -- it's the perfect scent for that winter to spring transition. I already have my eye on a few other scents once this one runs out. 

Not only is the device high-tech and efficient but it is also beautifully designed (but then again, as a designer, I'm always biased). The capsule fits into the designated spot on the top of your Aera and within seconds of being plugged in and turned on your scent is right at your fingertips. I say fingertips because you can manually control your Aera's on/off and fragrance intensity OR you can control your Aera using the user-friendly Aera app.

Once you have downloaded the app and connected your device, you have full access to scheduling your Aera to come on and off by the day of the week, the intensity of the scent coming out, multiple rooms and locations, order fragrance capsule refills and receive help and scent advice. When I'm about to come home, have people over or are hosting, I have complete control to have my home smelling wonderful before I've even stepped foot inside.

Aera is designated to distributing scent evenly and is fully adjustable depending on the room size so you are in complete control of how intense or mild you want your fragrance to be! Home fragrance just got that much easier. 

Allison WagnerComment