How to love the skin you are in with Biossance

It's so important to love the skin you are in by taking excellent care of it! As I've mentioned in previous blog posts, this past year I really started to care more about skincare. Skin damage (especially sun damage) is often irreversible but you can make improvements with your skin care regimen to prevent further damage and make your skin look and feel fresher, happier and overall, healthier. 

When I was introduced to Biossance I was thoroughly impressed by this brand's ability to acknowledge the importance of skin care all while making a positive, global impact. Biossance uses innovative, biotechnology to create sustainable and eco-friendly skincare products that are not harmful to the environment or animals all while providing you the health benefits you need to maintain a skincare routine with positive results!

I have been trying out the Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil and have been experiencing some amazing results and brighter looking and fresher feeling skin! The main objective of this rose oil is to brighten, firm and even a skin's tone and overall texture - this formula consists of all the goodies a daily oil needs: Vitamin C which provides your skin with the nutrients it needs to keep it looking radiant. I have also noticed it's helped eliminate some of my potential breakout spots. Another essential ingredient in this oil is Squalane, Biossance's mega-moisturizing molecule responsible for replenishing/moisturizing your skin. You can learn even more about Squalane here. Biossance's Squalane is 100% plant-based from sugarcane meaning, it's 100% eco-friendly which makes me 100% certain what I'm using on my skin is healthy and not full of chemicals. I should also mention that the smell is to die for! The aroma of rose is a personal favorite of mine for spring as its fresh scent is a great way to wake up and start my morning when applied. I apply several drops (4-5) onto my face, chin and neckline in the morning before I start my morning routine. You can also use the oil at night, depending on what you prefer! 

Speaking of the importance of freshness for spring, the Squalane + Antioxidant Cleansing Oil is another must-have from Biossance. This has become one of my favorite cleansers for makeup removal, especially when my face is breaking out or inflamed from using my Clarisonic or facial towelettes. This oil removes makeup easily while leaving your skin with a healthy glow for the finish. This oil consists of Vitamins A, B & C and Squalane ensuring your skin is getting all of its key nutrients to look radiant. Application of this cleansing oil is easy! First, apply the oil to fingertips then add water and massage the oil through your face to remove makeup, repeat, rinse and repeat until your face is makeup-free and left with a natural glow! 

Another incredible fact about the brand Biossance is through their efforts using biotechnology, Biossance developed a patented technology that created an accessible cure for malaria! Through their collaboration with nonprofit Zagaya, with every product purchased on a $1 is donated to help eradicate malaria via Zagaya. I love finding brands that are so passionate about giving back and supporting such important causes! 

S/O to Biossance for collaborating with West Coast Aesthetic on this post! 

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