Focusing on wellness with Brooks Running: Cascadia Running Jacket

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Well, in two days I’m turning 25. I’ve got a weekend of wine tasting and celebrating in store, which means I’m pushing working out and “eating healthy” to the side for the next few days. It’s my birthday gift to myself.

However, once Monday rolls around, I’ll be back on my workout regimen and luckily, with the help of Brooks Running I’ll be feeling stylish all while focusing on my fitness as a new 25-year-old. One of my favorite pieces from the new spring line is the Cascadia Running Jacket a lightweight, waterproof, windproof jacket that is perfect for any type of workout and all sorts of weather. The jacket also has reflective detailing for those that prefer night workouts.

The hood makes it convenient for rainy, outdoor workouts or if you decide you want to wear this jacket in your latest athleisure look when you’re on the go. 

Personally, my favorite part of the jacket is the pockets – excellent for storing credit cards, keys and a phone. I hate having to hold all of these items or carry around a workout bag so side and frontal pockets make for the perfect solution!

Styling this jacket for working out is so easy because it goes with everything! However, one of my favorite ways to wear my Cascadia Running Jacket is to pair it with my 2XU leggings, my new favorite sneakers by New Balance and a simple grey long sleeve shirt from GAP. Whenever I’m working out with bed head or am seeking extra coverage in the rain, a baseball cap is my go-to. This grey baseball cap from Nordstrom has become my simple and stylish choice to date.

Did I mention that I will be drinking a lot of wine and eating a lot of sweets this weekend? It’s definitely going to be time to cleanse once all of the birthday shenanigans are over. Aside from daily workouts, a juice cleanse is what’s on my agenda and luckily Pressed Juicery has opened two locations in Seattle so it makes stocking up on my favorite juices (as seen in a recent blog post) easy. 25, you’re looking and sounding more amazing by the minute!

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