Holiday Outfit: Jumpsuit

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I'm feeling SO accomplished this week! I finished all of my Christmas shopping and ordered my Christmas cards - I do have to admit, it's a little weird not having that impending stress of last minute shopping or battling expensive shipping rates. But being on top of the holiday season is refreshing and I'm hoping I can maintain this rhythm for the years to come. Now, my main focus is the fun part of the holiday season: Christmas parties, traditions (new and old) and other winter festivities that are in full swing. It's the time of year I typically raid my closet and exclaim, "I have nothing to wear!" But not this year...I've got the holiday outfits on lock.

I'll be sharing three designated holiday outfit blog posts that feature the go-to looks you'll catch me wearing this holiday season and beyond. These outfits are incredibly easy to re-create and will hopefully serve as inspiration when you're feeling like you have "nothing to wear!"

Today, I'm sharing my first holiday outfit: The Jumpsuit. Now, I should mention, the jumpsuit is a piece of clothing I don't save for just the holidays. I wear them year-round! But it's definitely a garment to consider if you're not really feeling a dress or skirt this year.  

The perks of a jumpsuit for the holidays? 

-They are great for layering.

-They come in an array of colors, styles and fabrics.

-Gusts of wind are no longer intimidating. 

Additional jumpsuit points:

+ If they have pockets.

+ If they are stretchy/have accessible zippers to make changing and bathroom breaks easy.

In this look, I'm wearing my AU & Co. 'Margaret Jumpsuit' in the color Crawfish. Also, heads up, I'm wearing a size medium (it fits great and is still a little loose, which I prefer). I was drawn to this jumpsuit for its style and color. The bold red is a color I'm slowly introducing to my wardrobe, it's fun to play with, especially during the holidays - it just screams festive, but not like, I'm wearing a light-up Christmas sweater type of festive...

It's become one of my favorite pieces to wear this time of year! It's great to layer with tops, cardigans and jackets. My go-to for this holiday outfit is to wear my grey ribbed Maude turtleneck underneath the jumpsuit. The color contrast is nice and having an additional layer under the jumpsuit is an obvious bonus. I've also worn turtlenecks over the top of the jumpsuit as well as button-up blouses and a leather jacket. Granted, some layers are more difficult to undress than others, which is why, for the holidays, I recommend layering UNDER the jumpsuit. The length of the jumpsuit is extremely flattering. Standing at 5'2 on a good day can be a struggle when it comes to finding jumpsuits that fit my frame and height. However, this jumpsuit hits me right at the ankle so I never have to worry about the pant legs dragging on the ground or tripping over my shoes. I also enjoy the subtle flare of the pants and the breezy appearance of the rayon crepe fabric. 

To dress up my look, I've paired my jumpsuit with my white Halogen booties from Nordstrom. I've been obsessed with these booties during the winter mostly because white is sort of that unexpected color that's enjoyable to wear. (That whole not wearing white past Labor Day will never phase me!) They contrast my color palette nicely and still give my outfit that dressed up holiday vibe. I recommend heels (stiletto or block) or booties when wearing a jumpsuit during the holidays. It's a great way to make the jumpsuit appear more on the formal side.

When it comes to accessorizing, I've looked no further than my new favorite jewelry line, Maison Miru. Talk about the most impeccable and delicate jewelry options!

I've simply fallen in love with this pair of Poppy Earringsthese statement earrings were just the pair I had been looking for. Although I tend to wear a lot of gold jewelry, I have been enjoying mixing metals lately. Silver is a wonderful option for holiday attire because it gives your outfit that added sparkle. As many of you know, I'm a huge fan of statement necklaces but when I wear these earrings, I let them do the talking. I love the story behind each jewelry piece in the line, too. For instance, the Poppy earrings' pear shaped crystals are in the shape of tiny blooms, inspired by blooms in the fields of Amsterdam.

For other dainty details, I'm wearing this gorgeous gold plated brass Callie RingI love this adjustable ring that fits delicately on my finger. I've been wearing this ring every day, it goes with just about any outfit I wear it with! 

The final touch to any holiday outfit is a fun lip color! I'm wearing a darker, bolder shade called Darkroom by KosasIt's a flattering shade with my jumpsuit color and still screams, holiday! It also helps to shield the red wine lip stains one often gets from Christmas parties (pro-tip). 


Jumpsuits make for an excellent alternative for the girl who is wanting a holiday-inspired outfit with a little bit of an edge. The jumpsuit can be easily styled to your liking and occasion making it the ultimate bang for your buck! 

Happy shopping and Happy Holidays, friends!