I am so excited to finally share DEPARTURE, a creative project that came to life this fall with some pretty incredible local influencers and creatives. DEPARTURE stemmed from the blatant realization of how difficult it can be to stand out in a creative community. Seattle's creative community is extremely saturated and heavily dominated by female creatives, myself being one of them. While I love my girlbosses, I also love my (local) creative dudes! I felt as though it was time to shed some light on the talented and stylish male creatives here in Seattle because you are important, inspiring, impactful and YOU ARE HERE TOO. 

DEPARTURE is an editorial project centered around the creative male that strives to break away from the norm and lives to create and inspire. DEPARTURE aims to capture Seattle urban street wear through the lens of its male creatives. DEPARTURE showcases five Seattle-based male influencers, each focused on breaking away from the norm while standing out within the Seattle creative community.

Check out the full BTS video of the making of DEPARTURE here.

Scroll down for the look book. 

We DEPART from your expectations.

We DEPART from their unoriginality. 

We DEPART from our insecurities.


Creative team:

Art Direction + Design: Allison Wagner

Styling: Doug Ta'a

Photography: KNDM Co.

Video: Keanu Kees

Production: Colby Knowlton

Models: Antonio Smith, Andrew Hoge, Nelson Yong, Doug Ta'a, and Anthony J.R.




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