Creative Halloween costumes for the last minute crafter

Happy (almost) Halloween! Tristan and I spent this past Saturday participating in Halloween shenanigans with friends and I don't think I have it in me to dress up anymore! I'm still shocked I was able to do a full weekend of different costumes in the past, but, I guess this is what happens when you're an adult and on a budget. This year, we went for a classic couples costume: Wendy and Squints from Sandlot. This year's costumes were a bit last minute but we managed to make them fun and inexpensive (my max amount I was willing to spend was no more than $50 on Amazon Prime while Tristan leveraged items from his closet and a trip to Value Village).

On Halloween, we plan on eating pizza, popcorn and drinking wine with friends while we watch a bunch of scary movies, so this will be the last of dressing up for us. However, if you are planning on going out or to a Halloween party tomorrow and are lacking a costume - I've got you covered! I'm sharing a few of my favorite costumes you can rock this year (that are also work-appropriate), on a budget and fun to make (if you're into DIY, these ideas are for you) if you're on a time crunch! 

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