It's a green thing

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As I've mentioned in recent posts, fall fashion is something I just live for this time of year! I love having fun with layers, color and texture especially on days where the weather is unpredictable. At the start of fall, I visited Purpose Boutique's new location at Point Ruston and stocked up on some new fall items during my styling session.

One item I fell in love with as soon as I entered the store was a dress my stylist Gia was wearing and it just so happens to be this green corduroy zip-up dress (the zipper is one of my favorite accents of the dress) with the belted detailing. The color and fabric is what intrigued me the most about this dress - green is a color I've strayed away from in the past just because I never found the right shade that complimented my skin tone and hair color. What I have realized since owning this dress is I officially have this thing for green. There are endless shades within this color family and this rich, dark emerald happens to be one of my favorites for fall. In fact, I've even stocked up on a few sweaters in this same hue ever since I added this dress to my wardrobe.

Also, let's talk about the fabric. I love me some velvet, cashmere and cotton but introducing corduroy to my wardrobe was the best thing I've ever done. I'm officially hooked to corduroy skirts and overalls now! The fabric is soft and comfortable to wear and is extremely breathable, which is key on fall days that go from 50 degrees and rainy to 65 degrees and sunny. A girl needs some versatility!

Although in the cooler months I plan on wearing this dress paired with a leather jacket or paired with a pullover sweater over the top of it, I've been embracing a few days here and there where I can rock bare shoulders and let my accessories do the talking. One of my go-to's to wear with this dress is my Chinese Laundry ankle boots. I love this pair of boots because the heel and overall boot are a bit taller than the average ankle boots which helps to elongate my legs. They are extremely comfortable and give me great support throughout the day! 

Because this dress gives me all of the 70's / Mary Tyler Moore vibes, I couldn't resist breaking out my choker to wear with this look. I scored this choker from Nordstrom on a fall sale last year and it is still one of my favorite statement pieces to wear. My Timex watch is a complimentary accessory in this outfit with its black and gold accent and really helps tie the black in my overall outfit together. 

I love re-discovering colors, styling them in an outfit and falling in love with them even more. I think it's safe to say green is a color that won't be exiting my closet any time soon. What's a color you've been dabbling with this fall and can't get enough of!?