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Happy Friday! We made it! I'm so excited to hit the road and enjoy a weekend over the mountains in Lake Chelan with Tristan and friends! Hello, wine tasting, brunch and much-needed R&R after an exhausting work week. 

I've been working on this fall wrap-up post all week to share some of favorite recipes, fashion trends, travels and interior must-haves with you all. After all, this is my favorite time of year! What are some of your fall favorites?

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LAKE CHELAN. This isn't a summer-only vacation spot. Definitely add it to your fall bucket list. Make it a girls trip, couples trip or group trip! It's about a 4-hour trek from Seattle (give or take traffic) and there's a lot of fun things to do! My preference is brunch followed by an afternoon of wine tasting and ending the night with board games. 

BELLINGHAM. My college town is one of my favorites to visit in the fall! About 2 hours away from Seattle it's a perfect day trip spot or weekend vacay. Take a stroll on the boardwalk after you buy a coffee from Woods; saunter through campus to soak in the beautiful architecture and leaves and go shopping in the Fairhaven neighborhood. Lots of food/drink options and plenty of airbnb's to choose from during your stay! 

WHITE ROCK, BC. This is one of my favorite places to go in the fall! When driving north from Bellingham (don't forget your passport!) this adorable beach town is just off the first exit once you cross the border! I absolutely love strolling the boardwalk, grabbing a drink and bite to eat while watching the sun set. There's plenty of cute side streets but main street alongside the boardwalk is the place to be! 

STAYCATION. When the weather is awful and you are seeking some spontaneity but don't want to stray far from home, look no further than the option of a staycation. I've been trying to plan a few here in Seattle for this fall and winter. A couple options on my mind? Well, the new W Hotel in Bellevue is definitely one I've been eyeing and The Inn at the Market downtown has been on my list. It's so fun to explore new places in the city that get you out of your home!  

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[Some of my favorites from left to right] 

Knits - Who doesn't love a chunky knit? Aside from knits made for sweaters, I also love knits for the household! In fact, pillows and throws tend to be my favorite for fall and winter months when I feel like cozying up on my couch. 

Florals + Pumpkins  - I swear by florals year-round but in the fall, I keep one constant in my home and that is eucalyptus. The scent is so refreshing and comforting to me, I often buy several sprigs from Trader Joes to put in my kitchen and living room. Also, who doesn't just love pumpkins this time of year!? I'm eager to own a home someday with a fireplace that I can style with pumpkins ranging in size, but for my small apartment, small pumpkins are my go-to. Especially when they are 69 cents from Trader Joes! I stocked up on half a dozen this year and I already anticipate getting some more before this month is over. 

Candles - Once again, a year-round staple of mine but an absolute MUST for fall! There is something so soothing about coming home and lighting a bunch of candles when it's dark and rainy outside. A few of my favorite brands of the moment? Kavaldon, Diptyque and Boy Smells. 

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[From left to right]

Brixton Fiddler Cap / The perfect fall cap and solution to hiding day two of no shampoo hair. It's my favorite hat for fall and goes with so many outfits! 

Gingham Pants / Because gingham lasts all year, in my book! I love a patterned pant and these feel like pajamas but look oh, so stylish when worn with a sweater, pair of boots or heels. An absolute must for your wardrobe this fall. 

Daybreak Slip Dress / One of my more versatile fall pieces that I plan on wearing for special occasions and have already worn layered underneath a bulky turtleneck. I love the sheen of the fabric and the length!  

Oversized Chenllie Sweater / I could seriously wear this sweater every single day! I'm obsessed with the mustard color, fit and style - it's so soft and fun to mix into an outfit. 

Londie Slides / Despite the fact they are open-toe, have no fear! One of my style hacks (coming to the blog soon) will feature how to wear socks with open-toed shoes to keep all your shoes on rotation this entire fall! 

Sam Edelman Tinsley Rain Boots / Because in Seattle, it's a must. And I should mention this pair of boots are less than $50 (on sale!) and so versatile! I have a maroon and black pair and both are my go-to's on rainy days. Not to mention, they are so comfortable. 

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