Achieving healthy hair with Seven hair products

If there is one thing I've learned to NEVER underestimate, it's hair care. Growing up, I definitely did not put hair care as a primary focus during my everyday routine. Very rarely would I apply hair masks and heat protectant spray was used when I "felt like it." The more I neglected my hair the more damage (some irreversible) I was doing. 

It wasn't until two summers ago when I decided to go from my platinum blonde hair (which required a lot of maintenance, cash and came with severe damage/hair breakage) to a chocolate, brunette. The purpose of dying my hair was for a change, but along with this significant change I promised myself I would make my daily, weekly and monthly hair routine a priority. 

Thanks to my recent collaboration with Seven Hair CareI am able to keep hair care at the forefront of my daily routine to achieve and maintain healthy hair. The first step to selecting Seven Hair Care products was determining what products would be ideal for my specific hair type. My hair is very thin/extra-fine, it tends to get oily quickly and my once voluminous frizzy curls of childhood have matured to limp, straight hair that falls flat when air dried. My hair also does not hold a brunette color all that well --- color tends to fade quickly within weeks of getting my hair dyed especially in the spring and summer, so color maintenance is always key in hair products. Luckily for me, Seven provides a product for my specific hair type and needs, after all, their slogan is The Definition of Style is You. 

My product selections were as follows:

1. Protectant Spray - Light when applied and an excellent all around heat protectant that I apply before blow drying, straightening or curling my hair. 


2. Dry Shampoo Spray - A product go-to of mine on a daily basis. Whether my hair is freshly washed or going on day three of no shampoo, I love the extra volume dry shampoo gives my hair while also removing oils/extra grease. Not to mention, this dry shampoo is one of my favorites as it leaves no white residue! 

3. Mousse Foam - I was always a bit intimidated by mousse for hair, but this mousse foam is perfect for achieving a quick and effortless hairstyle when you're on the go. I love using it to achieve extra volume and beachy waves/curls.  

4. Color Protection Shampoo and Conditioner - As I mentioned, color maintenance is a priority for my hair care routine since my hair color often fades fast. I've been using this shampoo and conditioner combo for the last few weeks and I'm already noticing significant improvement with less fading and a brighter looking color. 

5. Fibre Matte Paste - I'm still mastering the craft of hair paste, but it's definitely a fun product to experiment with for styling. My words of advice: less is more. 

If there's three things I've learned specifically since changing up my hair care routine, it's this:

1. You can't be lazy with hair care.  I've always had naturally thinner hair, but with all the damage I was doing to my hair as a teenager I'm now suffering the consequences with even thinner hair. Sure it's healthier hair, but hair loss can definitely occur when you are applying heat with no protectant, getting your hair colored frequently and not maintaining hair trims. 

2. Don't compare your hair to others. I always struggle with this but it's a reality. Everyone's hair is so different with how it takes color, handles product, is styled, curled or straightened. While I always dreamt of having the natural, long beachy hair you see on Pinterest, that's not necessarily a reality for everyone's hair type. It's all about accepting the hair you have, taking the time to research the hair type you have to learn about the best products, hair styles and tips for making your hair look and feel beautiful. 

3. Don't scrimp. Hair maintenance can be expensive, however, there are amazing hair professionals and products out there that don't make you feel like you're breaking the bank. Do your research, meet with hair professionals and test out products to find an overall fit for you and your hair type.