LA City Guide: Flower Market

One week ago I returned from one of my favorite places: Los Angeles. This long weekend trip was all about adventuring through parts of the city I'd never been and soaking in the sights. There's truly so much to do and see in LA it can be overwhelming for those who visit. I decided to create a broken down city guide highlighting some of my favorite spots in the city of angels.

If you're a fan of florals or photographic scenery in general, the Los Angeles Flower Market is the place for you! It was hard to resist taking several bouquets home with me. You must pay to enter the market but once you're in, you can meander through the various flower markets located on the main strip of Wall Street. The deals are incredible here and everything looks and smells so fresh! I was also amazed at how inexpensive and beautiful all of the pottery and vases were in the market -- perfect if you're looking to get pots for your plants or just spruce up some home decor. (We're talking giant ceramic pots for $20 type of amazing!) 

My favorite florals on display were the bright and beautiful rose bouquets and the trays of cacti and succulents. So much color! 

While this is more of a local haunt, it's definitely a must-see for those visiting.